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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right Golden Mobility Scooter for my needs?

In addition to thinking about whether you want the stability of four wheels or the maneuverability of a three-wheel model, Golden mobility scooters include the BuzzAround series, ideal for someone on the go; the Eagle for off-road use; the LiteRider™ with a lighter frame design; the mid-size, multipurpose Companion series; and the Avenger, a heavy-duty outdoor scooter.

What are the key features of mobility folding scooters?

Mobility folding scooters are a type of travel model that can be folded up or disassembled to fit into a car's trunk or back seat.

These types of scooters:

  • Typically have a three-wheeled base.
  • Offer a lighter weight, so they're easier to carry and can even be put in the overhead bin during travel. Most weigh under 50 lbs.
  • Unfold for use without any additional adjustments. You can either do this manually or use the included remote.
  • Often include an FAA-compliant battery for air travel.

What is a travel power chair, and how does it differ from other power wheelchairs?

A travel power chair, also sometimes called an airline-approved travel scooter, is lightweight and foldable. These models include either a non-spillable battery or a removable lithium-ion battery that you can place into your carry-on.

Are mobility travel scooters allowed on airplanes?

A mobility travel scooter can be taken onto an airplane under the following conditions:

  • If you intend to check it with your luggage, it must include a non-spillable battery.
  • It has a removable lithium-ion battery you can place into your carry-on bag.

Can I use powered wheelchairs indoors and outdoors?

Powered wheelchairs are built for both indoor and outdoor use. For these conditions, three-wheeled models offer better maneuverability, including a tighter turning radius, but are designed for smooth surfaces. A four-wheeled base, on the other hand, provides a smooth, stable ride on uneven, sometimes off-road, terrain.