Senior Daily Living Aids are products that help seniors accomplish everyday tasks in many ways. Independent living aids for the elderly can also provide safety and peace of mind. In this collection, you can find practical products that can help reduce discomfort while making it easier to get around, get dressed, take medication and much more.

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Assistance for Lifting and Reaching

Maintaining balance and fluid mobility can be a real challenge for those dealing with various aches and pains or injuries. This is why aid products that include long handles, grip bars or rails are among the most popular assistance products. Mobility aids such as a portable lift assister gripping tool or a sock and stocking aid can help seniors reduce stress on joints and muscles. And when it comes to reaching high places, every senior should have easy access to a stool with a security handrail.

Ingenious Health and Safety Solutions

Some products focus on senior health. For example, an active senior who loves to travel can keep track of medications with a convenient portable pill organizer. Pill crushers and cutters are also available for portioning certain medications.

Concerned about getting enough exercise? A portable mini petal exercise machine can be a great way to stimulate blood circulation in the feet and legs while watching TV.

Portable Back Support

Get relief from aching or sore back muscles with some of our back support products. We offer various lumbar support solutions for sitting in chairs and car seats.