SMPL Alerts!

Never miss an alert with sound, vibration and flashing wherever the caregiver/manager is situated in and around the home or business. Delivers safety, independence, customer service and peace of mind.

Simple & Expandable - Easily add more sensors or pagers to your home or business.

Always With You - Portable pager goes wherever you go.

Stay Aware - Monitor doors, windows, cabinets, mailboxes and more to stay aware of activity and never miss an alert.

No Wifi Required - Alerts! doesn’t require wifi to work. That means you can use your Alerts outside of your home simply!

Simple Setup - No tools required, set up in minutes. Sensors come pre-installed with double sided tape. Fall and wander prevention brings peace of mind.

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The One-Touch Music Player

Healthcare professionals and neurologists agree that listening to familiar music produces demonstrable increases in awareness, lucidity and recall. Let touchPLAYER be the lynchpin of a home-based music therapy regiment, giving caregivers an easy way to improve the quality of life for the ones they care for.

Clinical testing has shown that touchPLAYER is easy to use for persons with a wide variety of cognitive, sensory & mobility conditions.

Simply press one button to start the music playing. There are no menus to navigate, no wireless connections to manage, no accounts logins to remember.

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SMPL Photo Dial Phone

Make calls easily using true one-touch photo memory buttons without picking up the handset. Hear better with amplification options. Rugged ABS plastic casing and buttons.Promotes independent living, self-esteem and elder dignity. Caregivers have one less task to worry about.

6 one-touch photo memory buttons

Simply insert photos of the people you call most often into the 6 one-touch keys and dial them with a single button

Big Button Keypad

Allowing for easy operation and both the loud ringer and flashing light help them know when someone is calling.

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SMPL One Click Universal TV Remote - Favorite Channel Buttons - Universal remotes

One Click Big Button Universal TV Remote

The big button universal TV remote for seniors, children, partially-sighted and more.

Now they’re in control of their TV, so you don’t have to be. A single press turns on/off the TV and set-top box. Go to one of their 5 favorite channels directly with oneSiMPLpress. Eliminate the confusion from multiple TV remotes and so many buttons. Promotes independent living, self-esteem and elder dignity.

Eliminatest he Frustrations of TV Remotes

Go to one of their 5 favorite channels directly with one SiMPL press.

Only 5 Functions

Eliminate the confusion from multiple TV remotes and so many buttons.

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Reminder Rosie 2.0 Stress Free Alarm Clock That Responds To Verbal Personal Voice Commands - Alzheimer Aids

Reminder Rosie Personal Voice Reminder Assistant

Say Hello to Your Personal voice Reminder Assistant!

Rosie assists independant-living seniors, one voice reminder at a time.

Record up to 25 reminders/messages in the familiar voice of a loved one shown to deliver maximum task compliance.

Voice Activated Alarm Clock

Rosie responds to simple voice commands like “what day is it?”, “today’s reminders”, “reminder off” and more.

Record in Any Language

Record anyone, in any language. You can even record comforting messages such as “mom I love you, good night.”

Simple Setup

For the caregiver, Rosie will verbally guide them through setup, programming & recording of reminders. It’s that simple.

For the end user, all they have to do is press Rosie down or say “Rosie, stop” to end reminder playback or alarms. That’s all. No new, complicated controls to remember.

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The LiftPlayer MP3 Music Player

Enjoy music again witha simple liftof a lever while promoting awareness, memory focus and more.

Numerous studies have shown that music, especially familiar music, improves cognizance (knowledge and awareness), lucidity (clarity of expression) and memory recall. liftPlayer promotes independent living, increase self-esteem and give recipients back their dignity.

MP3 Quality Sound

40 preloaded american classics with 4GB of internal memory for your own music.

Easy User Control

Recessed user controls are found on the back of liftPlayer, loved ones cannot accidentally make the music too soft or too loud or change settings.

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