CanDo Foam Roller Covers - Soft & Machine Washable 30-2090

Convenient covers slip over a 36 x 6" Full foam roller. The covers are washable and protect foam rollers against dirt and damage. Covers can be added and removed from foam roller quickly and easily. The roller covers are made of 75% Polyester and 25% Spandex that stretches around the roller for a perfect fit.

Store foam rollers with a CanDo cover at home, or use the cover to take the roller on the go. The cover's soft T-Shirt material provides a snug fit allowing the roller to be comfortably used with the cover on. Machine wash the cover for continued use and prolong the life a foam roller with a CanDo roller cover. CanDo Foam Roller covers come in two sizes (6" X 36" and 4" X 36") for both round and half-round rollers to provide a perfect fit.


  • CanDo Foam Roller Covers prolong the life of your foam roller, protecting it from nicks, dirt and damage
  • Slip a fitted knit cover on your foam roller quickly and easily
  • Features a soft T-Shirt cotton material so you can comfortably use the roller with the cover on
  • Covered zipper closure prevents the zipper from rubbing on the skin or getting caught up in a carpet
  • Covers are machine washable and come in two sizes for round and half round rollers
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LO ROX Aligned Life® Complete Set

The Complete Life Set Includes:

LO ROX Aligned Life®Aligned Roller™ (LOROX6): Measures 36” L x 6” dia.

LO ROX Aligned Life® Travel-size Roller (LOROX4): This portable 12” L x 4” dia. roller is perfect to toss in a gym bag or use on the go.

LO ROX Aligned Life®Mini Infinity Roll (LOROX5): This small, portable roller is ideal for deep tissue self-massage to help relieve pain in tight muscles.

LO ROX Aligned Life®Aligned Domes (LOROX7): Ideal for performing exercises to help achieve alignment and balance.

LO ROX Aligned Life®Body Sphere (LOROX8): Perform exercises to help build core strength, improve posture .

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The Lo Rox Complete Life Set Overview