Compact and Convenient: The Top Airline Approved Travel Mobility Scooters

Compact and Convenient: The Top Airline Approved Travel Mobility Scooters

You're thinking about taking a trip - perhaps domestically or overseas - and you'll be traveling by airplane. As someone using a scooter, how you'll get around first comes to mind.

Airline-approved travel scooters help you get from point A to point B with your mobility solution. Learn what qualifies for air travel and some of the top models for your journey.

What is a Travel Scooter?

Travel scooters accommodate multiple journeys ahead - by air, boat, bus and even folding into the back of your car. These models share the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight, compact construction.
  • A foldable or easily disassembled frame.

Airline-approved electric wheelchairs and scooters must further have a non-spillable battery if you plan to check it in as cargo or a removable lithium-ion battery you can place in your carryon bag.

The Top Airline-Approved Travel Mobility Scooters

Based on customer feedback, some of the top travel-approved mobility scooters include:

Golden Tech Buzzaround CarryOn Folding Airline-Approved Travel Scooter

The Buzzaround CarryOn is a foldable travel scooter equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack and compatible with a travel battery pack (sold separately) and weighing under 50 lbs. This mobility scooter folds down to a height of 12 inches and can be disassembled into two pieces for storage in an overhead compartment. Beyond these travel-essential features, the Buzzaround CarryOn supports up to 300 lbs., includes an infinitely adjustable seat tiller and provides an 18-mile range.

Solax Transformer 2 Electric Automatic Folding Mobility Airline-Approved Travel Scooter

The Solax Transformer 2 is a lightweight, foldable travel scooter weighing just 53 lbs. without its battery. With the touch of a button, the frame folds down to fit into the backseat of a car. For travel, this scooter comes with a lightweight, FAA-compliant lithium-ion battery and an easily accessible charging port.

In addition, this scooter includes a two-way adjustable tiller, a keyed control unit for adjusting speed and LED headlights and travels up to four MPH to reach a maximum distance of 18 miles on a single battery charge.

EzFold Airline-Approved Lightweight Travel Scooter

The EzFold takes compactness to a new level, weighing just 46 lbs. and folding down into a transportable size in just three minutes without the need for disassembly. The scooter easily fits into a car, trunk or overhead bin and, once ready to go, gets a distance of up to 18 miles, traveling up to 12 MPH. A contoured seat and back cushion provide the right level of support. In addition, this model includes an integrated backpack for your belongings, removable lithium battery and an extra hand brake for safety.

Glion SNAPnGO Model 335 Portable Lightweight Travel Scooter

The Glion SNAPnGO blends a lightweight feel with durable construction and an extended range. Aircraft-quality aluminum sets the foundation to support up to 300 lbs. while weighing just 31 lbs. without the seat. This travel scooter gets up to 15 miles on a single charge. Includes a removable lithium-ion battery pack.

Planning your next vacation? Think about your mobility needs as you put together your itinerary. Especially if you're traveling by plane, make sure you're ready with an airline-approved travel scooter. Browse our selection to get started.

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