Transfer equipment, including boards and medical lifts, serves two roles. One, solutions help patients with a degree of grip strength get around their home and maintain their independence. Second, patient lifts particularly ease the physical stress placed on caregivers.

For these scenarios, bariatric patient transfer devices accommodate individuals weighing from 300 to over 500 lbs. Whether for yourself or caring for a loved one, explore all types of bariatric transfer devices available at

Types of Bariatric Transfer Devices and Medical Lifts

As a type of mobility aid, transfer devices help patients sit up in bed, move to a wheelchair or even to the bathroom to toilet or bathe. In the process, the bench or patient lift provides additional support and stability. Transfer devices fall into three categories: self-transfer, for individuals with some upper-body strength; transfer assist devices, for patients receiving some assistance from a caregiver; and dependent aids, for individuals with little-to-no mobility.

For bariatric patients, the most common types of transfer devices include:

  • Medical lifts, with manual and electric solutions supporting patients with little-to-no upper-body strength and mobility.
  • Transfer benches and boards, for stability as a patient lifts themselves into their wheelchair or the bathtub.
  • Transfer sheets, which support a patient and help them stand while reducing sources of friction and shearing.

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