Actimove Abdominal Binder Comfort with Soft Pad - Compression Garment

Actimove ESS-7551413
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This Actimove compression binder is designed for constant and personalized compression around the abdomen post-surgery or trauma, promoting proper circulation to reduce pain and support wound healing. The inner plush material ensures comfort against the skin, minimizing irritation during extended use. The binder's fast opening/closing design allows for easy wound inspection, facilitating quick assessments without removal. Additionally, being latex-free makes it suitable for individuals sensitive to latex, ensuring a safe option for a wide range of users. This versatile binder is used postoperatively and posttraumatically to provide relief to the abdomen and thorax, aiding in pain reduction, offering support, and promoting healing after surgical procedures


  • CONSTANT COMPRESSION: Designed to provide constant and individual compression around the abdomen after surgery or trauma. Helps reduce pain and supports wound healing by promoting proper circulation.
  • INNER SOFT PLUSH MATERIAL: Made with an inner, soft, plush material that offers comfort against the skin. This ensures a comfortable wearing experience, minimizing irritation during extended use.
  • EASY WOUND INSPECTION: Designed for fast opening/ closing, allowing for easy wound inspection. This enables healthcare professionals to quickly assess the healing progress without removing the binder.
  • LATEX-FREE: Suitable for individuals sensitive to latex, as it is not made with natural rubber latex. This makes it a safe and suitable option for a wide range of users without the risk of allergies.
  • VERSATILE USE: Used in postoperative and posttraumatic scenarios to provide relief to the abdomen and thorax. Helps reduce pain, provides support, and promotes healing after surgical procedures

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