Arjo fully-Automated Wellness Nordic Relax Chair with 3 Programs

Arjo Nordic Relax Chair
$14,999.00 $1,799.99

Difficulties with communicating and performing everyday tasks can take a toll on elderly people with dementia. Helping people with cognitive disorders relax through soothing music and tactile stimulation can have a beneficial effect on their well-being and quality of life.

The Arjo-Huntleigh fully-automated Wellness Nordic Relax Chair combines music, tactile stimulation and rocking motion to offer a unique and calming multi-sensory experience.

Addressing individual needs in the care setting

Pre-set rocking programs combine soothing music with tactile stimulation to promote physical and mental relaxation and refreshment, depending on the needs of the resident. Each setting is also easily customizable with just the touch of a button.

A weighted blanket (Sold Here)

A weighted blanket adds to the experience by creating additional comfort and sensory stimulation. Residents may find that the overall pressure from the heavy blanket, combined with the comfort of the U-shaped cushion, provides a cocooning sensation making it easier for the residents to feel their own body.


  • Built-in audio system with MusiCure®
  • 3 pre-set automatic programs offering multi-sensory stimulation
  • Easy-to-clean, soft imitation leather
  • Swing-out armrests
  • Removable incontinence cover
  • Wheeled pedestal for easy integration to Arjo patient lifters
  • Optional: Heavy blanket and U-shaped cushion

Pre-set Programmes

3 programs: Relax, Refresh and Comfort


  • Duration 20 min
  • Backrest lowered to semi-reclined postion at the start of the programme
  • Semi-reclined postion kept for the duration of the programme
  • Returning to seated postion at the end of the programme
  • Automatic MusiCure relax music
  • Tactile stimulation in the back


  • Duration 20 min
  • Backrest lowered in 5 steps
  • Returning to seated position at the end of the programme
  • Varying swing speed
  • Automatic MusiCure stimulating music
  • Tactile stimulation in the back


  • Duration 120 min
  • Backrest in upright position during the entire programme
  • Constant swing speed
  • No music



Product specification


System specifications

Power supply

AC 230V / 50Hz

Power consumption


Operating environment

0 to 40˚C - 32 to 104˚F

Flame rating EN1021-1 & 1021-2

Music and vibration 

Speaker amplifier 14W (7W + 7W), 1 kHz
Vibration amplifier 14W , 70 Hz
Shielded design No
External input terminal Stereo mini jack, 3.5 mm

Remote control 

Operation range Approx. 1000 mm - 39 ½"
IR receiver Both sides of chair
Batteries 2 x AAA

Overall dimensions (including pedestal) 

Length, upright position 1435 mm - 56 ½"
Height, upright position 1225 mm - 48 ¼"
Length, fully articulated 1830 mm - 72"
Height, fully articulated 835mm - 32 ¾"(limited by armrest)
Max width (pedestal)  850 mm - 33 ½"
Seat height, back end  530 mm - 20 ¾"
Product weight, incl. pedestral  74.4 kg - 164 lbs
 Castor type  Swivelling, individually lockable 
 Castor size   100 mm - 4"
 Floor clearance  130 mm - 5"
 Safe Working Load  130 kg - 286lbs


 Coated cloth  Polyvinyl chloride leather (synthetic leather)
 Buffer material  Urethane
 Armrest and incontinence cover  Stamskin TOP®, treated against bacteria, odour and fungi with Sanitized® PL 2432 (PES)

 Optional accessories

 Available in other sizes and weights
 Weighted fibre blanket  3.7 kg - 8lbs, 1250 mm x 1000 mm - 49 ¼" x 39 ½"
 Hygiene cover  1250 mm x 1000 mm - 49 ¼" x 39 ½"
U-shaped Cushion Available in red