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Flexabed Hi-Low SL Bariatric Electric Adjustable Bed Frame with Voice Activation

Flex-A-Bed Flex-Hi-LO-T-80-Massage
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The Flex-A-Bed Hi/Low Frame will adjust with you to make sure you sleep comfortably through the night. This bed frame is fully adjustable with head, foot, and hi-low height adjustability. These frames are hand-built in the USA with a 2" high-density foundation and a heavy-duty base made with Advantech material that will not warp, break, or squeak. Equipped with a wireless remote to easily raise and lower your bed with the touch of a button. The Hi Low feature of this frame allows for easy access for patient lifts so you can easily enter and exit your bed.


  • Hand-built by expert craftsmen in the U.S.A.
  • Order the frame by itself, or add a mattress to complete your bed package!
  • Order the frame with or without dual massage
  • Choose twin, full, queen, and dual king sizes
  • Choose wired or wireless hand control
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Optional side rails are listed and sold separately

NOW with Voice Activation

  • Voice activation for hands-free control
  • Wireless and wired USB charging
  • Underbed lights with motion sensors
  • SmartBed app to control your bed from your mobile device with bed alarms


  • Available in twin, full, queen and dual king
  • Length options: 74, 80 and 84 in. lengths
  • Side rails optional
  • Height (Standard): 13.25 inches, can be raised with hand control to 20.75 inches
  • Height (Casters Removed): 11 inches, can be raised with hand control to 18.5 inches
  • Height (Fully Lowered, Casters Removed, Low Profile Mattress): 16.5 in.
  • Height (Fully Lowered, With Casters, Low Profile Mattress,): 18.75 in.

*Please note that the King Size are 2 Twin beds put together


Say “Hello” to Easier Adjustability with Voice Actuation

These days, everyone is talking to their tech and appliances. With smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, and even smart kitchen tools, innovators have come a long way with voice-activated devices and have benefited many lives as a result. For those with joint issues like arthritis or medical conditions that limit mobility, voice actuation technology can mean the difference between pain and comfort.

With this in mind, the team at Flexabed knew our customers could greatly benefit from a voice actuation system with our adjustable beds. Not only would it provide hands-free control of the bed’s adjustability, but it would also allow our customers to remain in a comfortable position while they position their bed exactly as they like.

We got to work, and we’re so excited to announce our new voice actuation system can soon be added onto our Premier and Hi-Low beds! With most voice activation systems having a name or persona, like Siri with Apple products, our system comes with two optional voices: Max or Susan. You can change your system’s name easily with a vocal command to your preference.

Memory Foam Mattress

Our Flexabed memory foam mattresses cradle your every curve while providing the perfect support for all your joints and pressure points. Molding perfectly to the shape of your body, this mattress provides comfort and support like you’ve never felt before.

Great for:

• Side sleepers who have high impact areas at the hips and shoulders

• Back and stomach sleepers, especially those under 230 pounds, as the memory foam cradles the body

May not be the best option for:

• Hot-natured sleepers/people who tend to run hot when sleeping

• People who need to be able to move around easily on top of the mattress

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Innerspring/Memory Foam Combo

Our Flexabed innerspring memory foam combo mattresses combine the traditional support offered by innersprings, with the luxury and comfort that comes with memory foam. These mattresses feature superb tailoring, and durability– the sturdiness that comes with springs and the comfort that comes with memory foam.

Great for:

Side sleepers who have high impact areas at the hips and shoulders

• Back sleepers, as the coil system provides support while bending and bouncing to respond to the shape of your body

• Great for combination sleepers, or people who change positions during sleep, as they are softer near the top, but still provide plenty of support through the innersprings

• People who tend to run hot, or get hot when sleeping, as the more open design promotes greater air flow, and is generally cooler to sleep on

May not be the best option for:

• People who prefer a softer mattress type

• Couples sharing a bed, as movement can be readily felt (though these couples should look into our split king options, in which each sleeper can choose the mattress type that works best for them)

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Gel Memory Foam

Flexabed’s gel memory foam mattress option creates a cooler sleeping surface for a refreshing and rejuvenating night’s sleep, perfect for hot natured sleepers. The gel-infused foam actually works to wick heat away from the body while eliminating hot spots on the surface of the mattress.

Great for:

Hot-natured sleepers/people who tend to run hot when sleeping

• Side sleepers who have high impact areas at the hips and shoulders

May not be the best option for:

• Cold natured sleepers

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Low Profile

Flexabed’s low profile mattress option reduces the overall height of a bed by 6 inches. It is also handcrafted from a high-density polyurethane foam core for quality and comfort.

Great for:

People with limited mobility, as it’s easier to get in and out of bed

• People who prefer minimalism in style, or a less bulky look that works well with contemporary furniture

Natural Soft Latex

Our natural latex mattress provides the softest feel of all, and offers the dynamic support of a custom-molded mattress. It is made with a 100% natural, rubber-latex core constructed with talalay latex.

Great for:

• People who prefer a firm mattress

• People with joint pain, as the resilient material is able to contour to the body just enough to support proper alignment

• Light sleepers as the latex material is great for motion isolation, limiting disturbances from a tossing and turning partner

May not be the best option for:

People who prefer a softer mattress type

• Hot-natured sleepers/people who tend to run hot when sleeping

• People who would have difficulty moving a heavy mattress when necessary

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Deluxe Innerspring Mattress

Our Flexabed deluxe innerspring mattresses are available in soft, medium, and firm options, each featuring a high-density comfort layer pad constructed from polyurethane. The innerspring unit itself is innerbonded to ensure lasting durability, maximum support, and total comfort for sleepers.

Great for:

Those who require extra support for the major pressure points– shoulders, hips, and knees

• People who tend to have back pain, as the springs offer extra-responsive support that can help with proper spinal alignment

May not be the best option for:

• People who would struggle to move a heavy mattress, as this type needs to be flipped and rotated from time to time for even wear

• Couples sharing a bed, as movement can be readily felt (though these couples should look into our split king options, in which each sleeper can choose the mattress type that works best for them)

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Compare The Flexabed Features

Flexabed sets the standard for comfort, convenience and custom features in an adjustable bed. Every bed we make is backed by an industry-leading warranty so you will enjoy years of comfort and better sleep on your new Flexabed.

Regardless of the model, every Flexabed is hand built by expert craftsmen in LaFayette, Georgia to your specifications using the same principles of care and consideration that we have built our reputation on since 1969, providing alternatives to a medical bed.

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