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Dynarex DynaGinate AG Silver Calcium Alginate Dressings

Dynarex DYN-3030

Dynarex’s DynaGinate AG Silver Calcium Alginate Dressings are a combination of calcium alginate and silver ions that transform into a soothing gel-like covering upon contact with moisture, creating an optimal healing environment. As the dressing absorbs exudate, it transforms to provide an antimicrobial barrier.

Silver Calcium Alginate dressings are used as primary dressings and are suitable for infected wounds or those at risk of infection such as bedridden patients, diabetics or patients with chronic venous insufficiency at wound stages 3 and 4.

Available in three convenient sizes: 2”x2”, 4”x 5” and 4”x8” pads for covering, or as a ¾”x12” size strip for packing.


  • Combination of alginate and silver ions that changes to a fibrous gel when in contact with wound exudate.
  • Creates a moist wound environment and provides an antimicrobial barrier.
  • Suitable for infected wounds or where there is a risk of infection.
  • High-absorbency dressing used for heavily exuding wounds.
  • Primary dressing ideal for the management of partial- and full-thickness wounds at stages 3 or 4.