Medline Curad QuickStop! Flex Fabric Bandages - Assorted Sizes

Medline CUR5245H-3PK
Pack Amount

CURAD QuickStop products naturally derived clotting agent reacts instantly with blood to create a soft covering layer that not only helps to stop bleeding, it can also help keep it from recurring.

A bleeding wound may be a nuisance to you – or a trauma for your kids. CURAD QuickStop assorted bandages and spray help stop minor bleeding quickly.


  • CURAD QuickStop! bandages feature bleeding control technology
  • Helps to quickly stop minor bleeding
  • Ideal for persistent or recurring bleeding
  • Sterile
  • Non-stick wound pad helps prevent sticking to the wound
  • Adhesive bandages come in assorted sizes: 15 - .75" x 2.83" & 15 - .35" x 1.5"
  • 30 assorted bandages per box