CanDo Plyometric Medicine Balls - 7.5 Diameter

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The CanDo Plyometric Medicine Balls are ideal for physical therapy, upper body rehabilitation and fitness exercises. These weighted balls work to assist users in improving agility, range-of-motion and upper body fitness. Fantastic for throwing back and forth with a partner, used solo for stretching and flexibility or with a rebounder. Suitable for a wide variety  of exercises and activities, the soft exterior is gentle on the hands while the textured surface provides traction for a strong, secure grip. Terrific for athletes, these balls are an excellent tool to loosen and strengthen shoulders and are the perfect addition to any athletic training regimen. Throwing and catching improves reflexes, coordination, conditioning and speed. Whether looking to increase hand-eye coordination, condition muscles, enhance workouts or rehabilitate after an injury, these Plyometric Medicine Balls are designed to be used for a wide variety of activities. Tightly filled to maintain roundness, they offer multiple workout options for arms, shoulders, wrists, hands and core-strengthening. Because the ball doesn't bounce, using it with a trampoline rebounder adds an entirely new set of exercises. Safe for use by all ages, used properly, the balls will not harm floors or equipment.

This consistency of size makes graduated programs easier to work through. These balls help define "personalized workout" as each training session is customized to the user who chooses which ball to use and how to use it. The Red Plyometric Medicine Ball has a 7.5" diameter and weighs 4.4 lbs. Medicine balls are a fun way to improve conditioning, hand-eye coordination and lateral movements. The 7.5" diameter keeps the balls small enough to hold in one hand yet offers enough heft to make two-handed catches with a partner viable. Convenient, safe and easy to store. These balls are ideal for the home as well as multi-user environments such as gyms and clinics. These medicine balls are color-coded to their weight making it easy to quickly identify the proper weight. Ranging from lightest to heaviest: Red-4.4lbs., Yellow-6.6lbs., Blue-8.8 lbs. and Green-13.2 lbs. Easy to clean needing only a damp, warm cloth and some mild soap

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