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Med-Mizer Stand Assist Pivot Turn Adjustable Bed Package - Includes Mattress and Side Rails

Med-Mizer PR1000-35

The Med-Mizer PR1000 Stand Assist Bed is truly one of a kind.

This innovative bed combines the benefits of an adjustable bed with the advantages of a stand assist lift. This bed becomes a seat which can then be used to help a patient to their feet; there’s no need for them to shift to the edge of the bed and bring their feet over the side. This makes for a safer, more comfortable transfer which enhances early mobility during recovery from an injury or surgery.

The Med-Mizer PR1000 Stand Assist Bed features a pivoting sleep surface.

The bed itself is fully electrically adjustable, so you can raise and lower both the head and foot sections using a handheld remote. A caregiver can disconnect the foot section, and the pivoting sleep surface then becomes a chair. With the push of your fingers, you can swing the sleep surface out away from the foot of the bed, creating a chair lift. The foot of the bed is angled conveniently out of the way. The pivot feature is created with ball bearings for a smooth, controlled turn, and has been tested with weights up to 1,000 pounds.

Why the Med-Mizer PR1000 Stand Assist Bed Is Right for You

The Med-Mizer PR1000 Stand Assist Bed can truly transform patient rehabilitation. This bed eliminates the need for a patient lift, and allows for safer patient transfers. The pivoting sleep surface creates an alternative place for a patient to sit, and is a powerful tool in creating comfortable, smooth transfers. Because this stand assist bed can help a patient to achieve early mobility, it is highly valuable in skilled care, rehabilitation, and long-term care facilities. This bed allows a single caregiver to perform a patient transfer, freeing up caregiver time and streamlining the caregiving process.


  • Prevent injuries with the stand assist rising of the bed
  • Improves the level of in room physical therapy, promotes better positioning, and enhances early mobility
  • Special rollers on head section prevent the mattress from bunching in the seated position preventing unwanted pressure to lower back
  • Provides an alternative seating solution
  • Bed includes pivoting assist side rails and Sheerless Prevention Mattress.
  • Weight Capacity - Up to 1,000 lbs
  • Comes with the MM Elite Support Surface (MM50080PR)
Support Surfaces

Support Surface (Mattress) Options

The XtendaCare Mattress offers excellent comfort and support with high-resiliency foam that boasts more stable cell structure to provide comfort and support for years to come. The top layer is soft and accommodating while the lower layers are firm and supportive to maximize comfort, pressure distribution, and durability. Additionally, this mattress is protected by a heavy-duty nylon cover that is designed to be impermeable by both vapors and liquids and is sewn with a slight looseness to better conform to each individual's unique body shape. However, these covers are strategically designed not to stretch, making them more durable and non-shearing even through regular use. The XtendaCare provides ultra-firm support along the edges to facilitate sitting and transfers as well as to prevent edge collapse. For further support, this mattress includes raised edging to direct sleepers toward the center of the bed, reducing accidental falls and side-rail entrapment.

The Rest-Q Mattress is a highly supportive foam mattress that combines multiple separate components and sections for fully individualized support for each body section. The highly resilient top cushion provides maximum comfort by conforming to each patient's unique body contours and prominences. Separate support sections lie beneath the top cushion to uniquely support the torso, hips, and heels. The hip section includes the highest level of support to provide the perfect blend of comfort and stability where the greatest amount of weight is concentrated. Embedded within the core are supportive sections underneath the hip and shoulder areas that sandwich a strip of soft, pressure-absorbing material to stabilize and remove pressure from the spinal column and sacrum. The very bottom layer provides excellent support while ensuring that the mattress will not bottom out. In addition to the wonderful support and comfort, this mattress features an ultra-firm perimeter to facilitate safe and easy transfers and prevent edge collapse. This whole mattress is rounded out by a vapor-proof, shear-reducing top cover constructed from incredibly durable fabric.

MM Shearless (SL) Elite – Prevention Surface - (Comes with the Package)

Viscoelastic memory foam infused with gel to provide the ultimate in pressure redistribution, enhanced breathability, and to assist with microclimate (heat) management. An enhanced heat dissipating material helps minimize perspiration over traditional foam mattresses. 30-degree heel slope section with high-density foam offers excellent heel support and pressure redistribution. Firm foam perimeters were designed to enhance transfers and support seating on the edge of the bed. The stretch cover provides low shear friction surface with anti-microbial and moisture resistant properties. 270-degree coverlet with zipper allows for easier replacement.