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Vive Health Full Electric Bed Frames with Remote and Side Rail

Vive Health LVA2043TWN
$569.55 $699.99
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Supporting multiple positions for sleep and relaxation, the Vive electric bed frame allows the head or feet to be elevated independently and includes a zero gravity position to promote better sleep. The adjustable bed base frame includes dual USB ports for powering electronic devices and a bed rail cover with three mesh pockets for convenient storage.

Two powerful independent motors quietly and efficiently reposition the head or foot areas of the bed for maximum comfort. The electric bed frame smoothly transitions from flat to an elevated head or foot position, a supportive seated position or a zero-gravity position.

Featuring a backlight for adjusting the bed after the lights are dimmed, the electric bed base is controlled by a wireless remote. The remote includes a one-touch button for resetting the bed frame to a flat position and a one-touch button for setting the bed in a zero-gravity position.

Easy to assemble, the Vive electric bed frame is made with a strong metal for durability and safely supports a combined weight of 350 pounds. The adjustable bed rail frame is sized to accommodate both twin and twin XL mattresses 



  • RELAXING ELEVATION - Elevate the head or foot of the bed to promote peaceful rest and relaxation
  • ZERO GRAVITY - Features a zero-gravity position to increase circulation and relieve pain
  • QUIET AND SMOOTH - Powerful dual motors smoothly and quietly elevate the bed frame to the desired position
  • WIRELESS OPERATION - Easily adjust the bed frame in dim and darkened rooms with the backlit - wireless remote control
  • BEDSIDE ORGANIZATION - Includes a bed rail pouch with three mesh pockets as well as dual USB ports for conveniently powering electronic devices
  • STRONG STEEL FRAME - Sized to fit a twin or twin XL mattress, the adjustable electric bed frame is constructed with durable steel to support up to 350 pounds
    *Mattress Not Included




    Can I raise the head and the foot at the same time?

    Yes, the head and foot of the bed base frame may be elevated at the same time.

    Is there a button to lower the bed frame back to flat?

    Yes! The wireless remote control features a “flat” button that automatically resets the electric bedframe in a flat position.

    What size of mattress will I need to use the Vive bed frame?

    The Vive electric bed frame accommodates twin and twinXL mattresses.

    Are the motors quiet?

    Yes! The dual motors are quiet to promote greater rest and relaxation.

    Does the adjustable bed frame have a seated setting?

    Yes, the adjustable bed frame can be elevated to create a supportive seated position.

    How far can I elevate the head of the Vive electric bed frame?

    The head of the adjustable bed can be elevated to 80 degrees.

    How far can I elevate the foot of the VIve electric bed frame?

    The foot of the adjustable bed frame can be elevated to 55 degrees.

    Does this include the adjustable electric frame only?

    Yes, the Vive electric bed frame includes the frame, a wireless remote and a bed rail organizer. It does not include a mattress.

    What is the weight limit for the electric bed frame?

    The bed frame safely supports a combined weight of 350 pounds. This includes the weight of mattress, bedding and the user.

    How high off of the floor does the electric bed frame sit?

    The electric bed frame measures 13.5” from the floor to the base of the frame.