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Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Eye Mask with Warm and Cold Therapy for Stress Relief

Bed Buddy BBF4104-


Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Eye Mask with Warm and Cold Therapy for Stress Relief is a Microwave-Safe Eye Pillow & Sleep Mask! Help yourself unwind after a long day at work by using this Bed Buddy Relaxation Mask with lavender. Bed Buddy at home products are fragranced with essential oils and natural herbs to help you relax sore joints, restore tired muscles and revitalize your senses. Simply microwave for soothing moist heat or chill for a cooling compress. The Relaxation Mask can be used warm over the forehead to release sinus tension and relieve headaches or used cold over tired, puffy eyes to relax and reduce swelling. The mask includes an elastic band to hold the mask in place and a satin back for optimal comfort. Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean with damp cloth. Allow to dry before use.


  • HEATING AND COOLING SLEEPING MASK. Unlike other sleep masks, this sleep eye mask can be heated in the microwave like a moist heating pad OR frozen to provide cooling relief. Whether you prefer hot or cold - this eyemask does it all!
  • WARM COMPRESS FOR EYES. Heat eye mask in microwave to use as a small heat pad for your eyes and forehead. Heated eye mask works like a hot pack, providing moist heat to relieve tension and stress. Use the pillow's velvety side for extra warmth.
  • COOLING SLEEP MASK. Freeze night mask to use as a cold compress or cold pack. When chilled, soothing cold pressure makes this the ideal eye mask for puffy eyes and other problem areas. Use the pillow's smooth satin side for extra cooling.
  • HEADACHE AND MIGRAINE RELIEF. When used like a heat pack, moist heat deeply penetrates the eyes, forehead and face to temporarily relieve minor aches, pains, stress and tension in the head and face. Headache relief has never been more soothing.
  • AROMATHERAPY. Eye mask is infused with real lavender to provide a light, calming scent that soothes and relaxes you while releasing stress and tension. Choose from soft velvety side or smooth satin side for the softness you prefer