Core Products Swede-O® Neoprene Slip-On Knee Support Sleeve

Core Products KNE-6401-SML
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The Swede-O® Neoprene Slip-On Knee Sleeve is a convenient slip-on support to help relieve aches, pain, strains, and weakened knees. High quality neoprene delivers uniform compression and warmth to help reduce pain and promote recovery.

The open patella design of the Neoprene Slip-on Knee Sleeve does not create pressure over the patella, helping prevent injury aggravation. Extra padding around the circumference of the patella provides targeted compression to increase security. The removable buttress pad can be positioned as needed to improve tracking.

The sleeve's two integrated flexible stays provide medial and lateral support for increased stability. Compression straps above and below the knee improve compliance and help prevent brace migration during activities. Bilateral design fits right or left knee.

Instructions of Use:
Step 1: Adjust (or remove) the buttress pad along the inside of the patella opening as needed.
Step 2: Release the upper and lower compression straps.
Step 3: Slip the foot into the wide opening like a sock. Continue to pull the support upward, over the knee. Center the patella opening over your knee cap.
Step 4: Thread the bottom compression strap through the bottom buckle and secure onto itself.
Step 5: Repeat with the top strap. Adjust the straps as needed. If you have questions about the use of this product consult your health care professional.


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KNE6401 Swede-O® Neoprene Slip-On Knee Sleeve