The Original McKenzie® Night Roll Lumbar Support by OPTP

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The solution to morning back pain and stiffness lies in the position of the body at rest. The Original McKenzie® night roll properly supports the spine while sleeping on the side or back. Non-returnable.

The Original McKenzie® night roll is designed to compensate for poor sleeping positions by supporting the spinal structures and maintaining proper lumbar posture while on the side or back. Tying easily around the waist, this comfortable sleep pillow has exclusive tapered ends for comfort and freedom of movement without loss of support. The night roll features a removable and washable light blue cotton/polyester slipcover.


  • Original McKenzie night roll properly supports the spine while sleeping
  • Features removable and washable cotton/polyester slipcover
  • Ties easily around waist for comfortable sleep
  • Tapered ends allow for ease of movement during sleep

Size Chart:

  • Waist size: XS up to 24"
  • Waist sizes: S/M 24-34"
  • Waist size: L/XL 34.5-42"