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Rollz Motion Slow Down Brakes for Rollz Motion Rollators

Rollz Motion 1020RM0021
$209.00 $319.99
You save 34% ($110.99)

The slow down brakes are assembled on both sided of the Rollz Motion Rollator frame. They constantly push on the rear wheels. This will make the rollator slow down continuously. The desired resistance can be easily adjusted by tightening the adjusting screw. The slow down brakes are an accessory that can be attached to any Rollz Motion Rollator / transport chair.

The Rollz Motion rollator walker can be equipped with drag brakes that provide continuous resistance to help the user control the speed of the walker. These drag brakes are positioned above the wheels on both sides of the frame and can be adjusted by tightening the adjustment screw. When using the walker in wheelchair mode, the resistance can be set to zero. Please note that the drag brakes are not suitable for use with air tires. The drag brakes are sold in sets of two and are compatible with any Rollz Motion rollator walker.