Carex Portable Spill-Proof Urinals - Male and Female Options

Carex Health Brands P70700
$7.99 $9.99
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The Urinals helps to prevent spills and control odor with an attached snap on lid. The graduation marks are useful to measure output and it features a sturdy grip for easy handling. This urinal is lightweight, durable and it can be used in several positions. It is designed to be easy to clean.


  • SPILL PROOF URINALS. A portable urinal with no spills. Includes a lead for additional spill proof protection.  This portable urinal is perfect for under the car seat or in a boat.
  • DURABLE. A portable urinal that will stand the test of time, yet is easy to clean.
  • TRAVEL URINAL. A urinal that is perfect for those on the go. Urinal is made of hard plastic with a spillproof cap.
  • HOLD 35 OUNCES. Our pee bottles for men are built to hold a large amount of urine. Trust that this portable urinal can hold enough urine of most bladders.
  • NO SHARP EDGES. Don't worry about any sharp edges. The edges of this portable are smooth making this a perfect mens urinal and urine bottle.