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Carex Walker Auto Glides with Auto-Brakes for Added Safety and Stability

Carex Health Brands A83100
$14.79 $19.99
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  • WALKER GLIDES WITH AUTO-BRAKES: These make great walker accessories. Smoothly navigate carpet, floors, sidewalks and more with the convenience of walker glides & the added safety of auto-breaks. To activate push down on your walkers' handles and the auto glides activate the brakes for stability.
  • NO MORE WALKER TENNIS BALL GLIDES: Tired of unwieldy, ugly looking walker tennis balls on the feet of your walker? Carex Auto Glides provide a glide similar to walker skis, but with a smooth rolling motion. Fits 1-Inch walkers.
  • DURABLE: For indoor & outdoor use. NOTE: Always inspect the rollers for wear and tear. Replace as needed.
  • COMPATIBILITY: These work with four (4) leg walkers, walkers with two (2) wheels or a walker with seat and wheels.
  • EASE, SAFETY & COMFORT: Whether you are living with long-term mobility challenges, recovering from surgery, or addressing safety issues as you age, Carex creates home care products to help you achieve the ease, comfort, & safety you deserve in your home.
  • Sold as a pair