Seni Skin Care and Incontinence Knowledge Guide

Choosing the right Incontinence products can be overwhelming without the right information or education. We have partnered with Seni to bring you as much education about Adult Briefs, Liners, Absorbencies, Underpads, Underwear, Skin Care and much more! Below are some helpful Articles and Videos to help you navigate the Incontinence world:

Vapor Permeable Outer Layer - Breathability

Vapor permeable outer layer informs that a given product helps the skin to breathe easily. The special structure of this outer layer makes it possible for the air to pass through, however it stops the liquid. This property decreases the amount of chafes and skin irritations, and also minimizes the risk of bedsore development.

Products made of vapor permeable outer layer are more skin friendly than the products made with insulating foil.

 Superabsorbent - High Absorbency

Superabsorbent can be found in the core in every Seni absorbent product. It is generally said that the superabsorbent “bonds the odor and moisture” inside the product. What does this mean?

Bacteria, which cause urine decomposition, are responsible for the appearance of the unpleasant odor. The superabsorbent, apart from powerful absorbing qualities, has anti-bacterial qualities as well. When it absorbs the liquid and binds it into gel, the superabsorbent reduces bacteria multiplication. Due to this quality superabsorbent decreases the emission of the unpleasant smell.

 Hydrophobic Standing Side Gathers

Hydrophobic standing side gathers can be found in Seni Lady bladder control pads (not available on liners), Seni Man Active bladder control guards, Seni Active Classic Plus, Seni Active Super and Seni Active Super Plus disposable underwear, Seni Classic, Classic Plus, Super, Super Plus and Super Quatro briefs and in Seni Shaped Pads.

They are made of a special hydrophobic non-woven, which “pushes away” the moisture and doesn’t allow it to get outside of the product. After putting on a product with hydrophobic standing side gathers, the gathers adjust to the body and prevent leakages.

EDS - Extra Dry System

Thanks to the EDS (Extra Dry System) additional distributing layer in the absorbent core, Seni products absorb wetness much faster. The EDS layer, which is under the top non-woven layer, allows better and more efficient wetness distribution inside the absorbent core, whatincreases the sensation of dryness and improves the comfort of using the product.

Anatomical Shape

Absorbent products – bladder control pads and guards, briefs, anatomically shaped pads, booster pads – are often in use all day long, even round-the-clock. These products cannot be uncomfortable. They need to provide protection and safety for people with incontinence, being discreet and comfortable at the same time.

In order to ensure comfort, the product needs to fit perfectly to one’s body. Thanks to the anatomical shape of Seni products, they can easily and perfectly adjust to any body. Optimal adjustment means less risk of mechanical skin damage, but above all – comfort and freedom of movement

Dermatologically Tested

Seni and Seni Care products are very often used by people with sensitive skin prone to irritation. In order to keep their skin safe we have tested our products dermatologically. An independent testing facility checked the products and the specialists approved them.

Dermatologically tested mark on the packaging of Seni absorbent product or Seni Care skin care product confirms that the product is safe for the skin

How To Choose The Right Size

It’s simple – in the case of bladder control pads or anatomically shaped pads pay attention to the required absorbency. In the case of absorbent products from the half-open and closed system use this readymade size calculator.

Click here to use the Seni Size Recommendation Guide

 Why Choose Seni Over Other Brands?

Sensitive skin, especially that of elderly people using absorbent products, requires proper care. One needs to pay special attention to the parts of the body that are constantly exposed to irritants like urine, feces, and sweat. Special care should also be devoted to places exposed to callusing and drying, like the elbows, knees, or heels. 

When providing skin care, one should aim to limit the exposure of the skin to irritants. Try to use products from the same line that have a pH level best for skin.

  • Each product’s specially created formula ensures excellent performance when used on dry, delicate skin in need of specialized care.
  • Natural ingredients make them safe to use on sensitive skin.
  • All Seni Care products have a slightly acidic pH level that is best for skin.
  • Specially selected active ingredients and the advanced technology used to make Seni Care products make them delicate, effective, and supportive of the hydrolipid layer of the skin’s surface.
  • Product selection within one line helps when choosing the right products. Each of the products complement one other and support the 3 steps of the skin care principle: