3M Surgical Scrub Avagard 16 oz. Dispenser Refill Bottle

3M 9200
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Hand Antiseptic Features:

  • Hand antiseptic available that combines 2 active ingredients plus a lotion for effective antimicrobial activity and skin conditioning
  • Persistent antimicrobial protection
  • Meets or exceeded the FDA standards for surgical scrub at all time points
  • FDA approved as a Health Care Personnel Handwash
  • Advanced, emollient-rich lotion base helps prevent dry, cracked hands, and maintains skin barrier integrity
  • Refill Bottle 1% / 61% Strength CHG (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) / Ethyl Alcohol

Wall Bracket with Hand Pump Features:

  • Scrubless, brushless, waterless, fast and easy application - three pumps from a touchless, simple dispensing system
  • Avagard hand antiseptic product has obtained fda nda approval, which includes a complete review by fda of all safety and efficacy data
  • Compatible with latex and non-latex gloves. latex gloves tested: triflex, encore. non-latex gloves tested: tactylon, duraprene, biogel

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