Aqua Marina Magma 10'10" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6" Thick) with Adjustable Paddle

Aqua Marina BT-17MA
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Aqua Marina Magma  10'10" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6" Thick) with Adjustable Paddle Pump Backpack Center Fin Action Camera Mount kit Valve Adaptor Bundle

Magma 10'10 inch bt-17ma, character and style, drifting down the River, can become effortless effort, where Nature does most of the work, while the rider simply guides the board, taking the occasional steering stroke to keep the board headed in the right direction. Similar to Fusion, the Magma is simply a cruising and surfing version, which still offers high level of functionality. Highlights - the4 kicker-pad for step back confidence and control. Like the Fusion, it features stunning graphics, and inspired from the Octopus, the beautiful hand-made print is designed to enhance and elevate the riders experience and love of the board. Ideal for riders up to 209lbs/95kg.


  • 10'10''x30''x6'' (Inch), Maximum payload 308lbs/140kg, Ideal for riders up to 209lbs/95KG.
  • Made of high quality PVC and constructed with drop-stitch construction, which makes it more durable and stable to use.
  • Features the 4cm KICK PAD for confident step back and control ,this all round paddle board is perfect for different skill levels and suits in flat water environments such lakes or rivers.
  • With an inflatable stand up paddle board you can simply have fun anywhere you want. Easy to store, easy to transport.
  • Inflatable SUP Board×1, 3-section Adjustable Aluminium Paddle(70.8 Inch) , Leash Coil×1 , Slide-in and removable center Fin×1 , JOMBO high pressure Hand Pump×1 , MAGIC Backpack×1. All essentials gathered in one pack.

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