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Ascend & GO Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

Climbing Steps MP-P02
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Introducing the revolutionary Ascend & GO Sit-to-Stand patient lift, a reliable medical aid meticulously designed to elevate safety standards for both patients and caregivers. Every facet of this device has been meticulously engineered to ensure an unparalleled level of security. Constructed from sturdy steel, the frame's resilience empowers it to effortlessly support weights of up to 400 pounds, streamlining transfers with convenience and tranquility.


  • Pivoting Seat
  • Soft Knee Supports
  • Dual Locking Wheels
  • Easy Pedal Operation
  • Cross Bar Handle
  • Weight: 67 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Download User Manual Here

Safety remains paramount in the Ascend & GO's design, featuring a range of attributes to foster a secure environment during usage. The inclusion of dual locking casters bolsters stability, while the presence of locking swivel seat pads and an expansive footrest further augments the overall sense of assurance.

Yet, comfort remains a key consideration alongside our safety commitment. The patient lift boasts abundant padding and ergonomic contours, strategically positioned to alleviate pressure on sensitive areas during transitions between sitting and standing positions. This deliberate emphasis on comfort ensures smoother adjustments for users and grants caregivers the confidence that optimal comfort accompanies the entire process.

Why the Ascend & Go Sit to Stand Patient Lift is Built for You

  • Safe TransfersPotential injuries of the caregiver and the user that associated with full body lifts are eliminated with the sit-to-stand lift.
  • Device compatibility - The low base is designed to easily fit underneath beds, and the angled leg base design allows the lift to fit around commodes and other devices.
  • Physical Therapy - A sit-to-stand lift helps maintain your independence and can delay physical decline by improving your natural range of motion and balance.
  • Small Footprint - When compared to traditional sling lifts, the Ascend & Go has a smaller overall size, perfect for caregivers who need to save space.
  • Pivoting Seat - Makes settling into the lift easy and secure, allowing patients to remain in their preferred standing position during transfer.
  • Soft Knee SupportsProvide extra stability, while its leveraged power feature uses the patient’s own energy to operate it smoothly.
  • Dual Locking Wheels - Designed to further ensure safety during transfer.
  • Easy Pedal Operations - The Ascend & Go's pedal operated chassis makes it easy to move patients around with ease.
  • Cross Bar Handle - Allows the patient to support themselves by pulling rather than pushing when entering the lift.
  • Warranty - We offer a lifetime warranty for the chair frame and a 6 month warranty for labor and parts.