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Bed Buddy Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Mask for Headache Relief

Carex Health Brands BBF4045-06
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The Bed Buddy Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Mask is perfect for Headache Relief. The Lavender Eye Pillow for Relaxing or Puffy Eyes is great therapy for Sleeping Women or Menor those who have frequent headaches. 

Give your eyes the best night of sleep they've ever had! Unlike any other eye sleeping mask, this heating and cooling eye mask can be microwaved or frozen to provide targeted pain relief for your head and face. Have sinus pain? Good news, this eye mask can also double as a sinus mask for pain. Our headache eye mask is more than just a sleep mask, it is also one of those unknown anxiety relief items that can be used over-and-over each night. Although men have been known saying this is one of those must-have christmas gifts for women , this eye pillow lavender can also make a great teen gift or a great gift for grandmas. Have an executive in your house that comes home and needs a stress relief? The aromatherapy eye pillow is also used as stress relief gifts for women and men (a great travel item too). Speaking of travel have trouble sleeping on the road? Simply throw the eye mask into your suitcase and use as a sleep mask The eye mask can be used as sleep masks for women and men(teens too). Maybe you just have that special someone who just likes to relax. This eye pillow is also know as a one of those relaxing gifts for women and men.


  • LAVENDER EYE PILLOW. Lavender eye mask provides aromatherapy for those days you come home with tired eyes. Eye mask acts as a warm compress for eyes that are stressed or causing a headache.
  • AROMATHERAPY EYE MASK. A heated eye mask infused by lavender to help you relax or calm your tired eyes. Eye mask is a great solution for migraine relief , sinus pain relief, or simply used as a sleep aid.
  • COLD EYE MASK. For cold therapy, simply place the eye mask in the freezer. Remove your eye mask from the freezer after 4 hours, and apply direct to your eyes. No need for a towel or cloth, and a great stress relief as a cooling sleep mask.
  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF EYE MASK. Whether you prefer a migraine mask for pain relief or cooling eye mask for summer heat, this eye mask cold does both. Lavender provides additional calming comfort and is one of those great pregnancy gifts for first time moms
  • SPA EYE MASK IN YOUR HOME. 100% filled with natural grains that provide a slightly weighted and comfortable feeling on your eyes, some even use it as a sleep mask for those afternoon cat naps or as a spa eye mask replacement