Bemis Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat - The Most Secure Fit

Bemis 7YR85300TSS
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The Clean Shield seat is a 3" elevated toilet seat that is designed with the user's needs as the top priority. First and foremost is seat security... how safely is the seat mounted to the bowl? The patented Snap 2 Secure installation system prevents your Clean Shield seat from wiggling or loosening during use. When you need an elevated seat, either with or without arms, seat security is very important. 

Seat security is not the only benefit we redefine. The stylish, residential appearance of the seat "hides" an innovative shield that keeps everything in the bowl. Our ring is engineered to be comfortable during use and has a high weight capacity rating. The hinges provide additional residential features one should expect with a “Best” level seat. Support Arms are also available separately for the Clean Shield Seat.

  • High end residential... looks great on the bowl
  • Cover allows proper closure when not in use
  • Smooth, glossy surface that is stain resistant


  • Innovative "reverse funnel" design
  • Keeps everything in the bowl 
  • Discrete styling "hides" the shield
  • Design avoids contact with waste
  • Glossy surface is easy to clean


    • Oversized ring provides additional comfort
    • Ring's designed to eliminate pressure points
    • Seat weight capacity: 1,000 lbs


      • Ring and Cover are hinged, providing easy access for cleaning and standing use of the toilet
      • Self sustaining hinges prevent ring slamming and eliminate any layback issue


      •  Style: Closed Ring, with Cover
      • Size/Shape: Round
      • Material: Polypropylene
      • Hinges: Hybrid (Stainless steel & polypropylene) • Hardware Kit: Snap 2 SecureTM
      • Bumpers: Ring: 4 Super GripTM
      • Suggested Uses: Residential & Commercial
      • Weight: 6.99 lbs

      Snap 2 SecureTM

      • Patented system that prevents the seat from loosening
      • Easy to install... Installation Head will snap off when the correct clamping force is reached
      • Seat does not wiggle or loosen when the user is sitting or standing
      • Installation Tool is included with the seat

      Support Arms

      • Support Arms are available separately for your Clean Shield seat - Add them when you first purchase your seat
        - Or add later when you need a little bit more assistance

      • Weight bearing Support Arms, tested to over 300 lbs per side

      • Ergonomically positioned to properly support the user through the

        sitting and standing process

      • Comfortable 21" width between the arms

      • Width of arms allows ring to be placed in an upright position, allows easy cleaning and standing use of the toilet


      What is the Clean Shield elevated toilet seat?

      • A “Best Level” elevated toilet seat that provides the user a large number of benefits that have not been previously available on elevated and armed toilet seats
      • Support Arms are sold separately and can be added when you need additional assistance sitting and standing
      What is so different about the Clean Shield elevated toilet seat?
      • Everything is the easy answer…
      • The seat is securely mounted to the bowl, high-end residential appearance, hinged ring with cover, solid (versus hollow), weight capacity of 1,000 lbs., easy to clean and much more…
      Why is it called “Clean Shield”?
      • The seat’s discrete shield keeps everything in the bowl while avoiding contact through the innovative design
      • If soiled, the smooth glossy surface is very easy to clean
      What is Snap 2 Secure?
      • Our patented installation system that prevents the seat from wiggling or loosening, ever.
      • Easy to install and easy to remove
      How high is the seat elevated?
      • Our Clean Shield seats increase the height of the ring 3”
      The ring looks a little larger than my regular toilet seat?
      • The ring is oversized providing additional comfort by reducing pressure points
      What is the weight capacity?
      • We say “no limits” because it passes at 1,000 pounds and we could not test any higher
      What is the seat made of?
      • Injection molded polypropylene that is solid
      How do I clean my seat?
      • Warm water, soap and a soft cloth
      • Do Not use abrasive cleaners… abrasive cleaners can scuff or scratch plastic surfaces
      • Chemical cleaners are not recommended, but if used, thoroughly wipe down the seat and hinges to remove all cleaner residue
      Does the seat require any assembly prior to installation?
      • No… seat is ready to be installed when taken out of the carton
      • If you want Support Arms, you will need to snap them into their mounting holes
      What tools are needed to install the seat?
      • Each seat comes with an Installation Tool (5/8” socket wrench) designed to install or remove your Clean Shield seat

      How to Install The Toilet Seat