Carebag Medical Grade Disposable Vomit Bags with Super Absorbent Pad - 20 Count

Cleanis 7733987BIO
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Carebag Medical Grade Disposable Vomit Bags with Super Absorbent Pad - 20 Count

Carebag Vomit Bag is a medical grade bag equipped with a unique super absorbent pad, which turns up to 16oz of emesis into a gel within seconds.

It is designed for both children and adults, and it is the ideal solution for people subject to motion sickness, morning sickness, vertigo, post-surgery, chemotherapy. Great for family trips, it is a must have for people in the business of car service!

The Medical Grade Carebag Vomit Bag from Cleanis will effectively catch and contain all vomit mess and spare you the trouble of cleaning up your clothes, car, carpet or floor!

The super absorbent pad eliminates spills, splashes, and significantly reduces odor by turning body fluids into a gel!


  • Carebag, the gift of comfort and dignity
  • Premium Quality – The Carebag Vomit Bag is a convenient solution for motion sickness
  • Unsurpassed Performance – Medical grade & leak resistant. Never clean vomit again!
  • Super Absorbent Technology – Converts up to 16oz of body fluids into a gel. No more mess!
  • Eliminate Odor – Upon properly sealing the vomit bag unpleasant odors are trapped and suppressed!
  • Discreet & easy to use - Easily fits in a glove compartment or a purse/backpack. A must have for taxi’s and car service providers
  • Better Together – For extra absorption, you may use an additional Gelmax Super Absorbent Pad (sold separately)
  • Accelerated degradation speed vs traditional Plastic! – Competing brands will take centuries to fully degrade and may leave behind harmful residues in the environment. Our proprietary OB5 additive makes Carebag the ONLY commode liner with accelerated degradation speed in an open environment*