Carex Sturdy Uplift Adjustable Folding Walker with Stand Assist Design

Carex Health Brands A849C0
$82.95 $99.95
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Unlike most similar assistive devices, this upright walker has a solid structure
and simple design with the simple goal of being functional and supportive.

Be able to move around across different types of surfaces. Why?
Because our sturdy walkers for seniors and adults boast non-slip rubber
tips like no other.

Always be confident when moving around or standing. This medical
walker was specifically engineered for those seeking a strong, sturdy walking
and support aid.

Never have to worry about gripping issues. Its slick ribbed design coupled
with non-cracking and non-flaking mechanisms built into its design will give
you the confidence to grip it securely without slipping issues or fatigue.


  • This walker boasts dimensions ( h x w x d): 30-37” x 20” x 19.5”. Also, these walkers for seniors and adults in general are easily adjustable in one-inch increments between 30”-37” to give you ultimate support.
  • With our upright walker, you’ll be stable at all times. Never worry about uneven lengths among the legs of the adult walker. Move around on any surface. The non-slip rubber tip ensures stability for daily use.
  • Your grip - that act that connects you to our assistive device is of utmost importance. This is why we’ve engineered comfortable, rubber hand grips with ridges for a non-slip and secure grip, ensuring the medical walker is stable
  • We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality devices available. Never worry about whether this adult walker can support your body weight. Our Uplift Walker was designed to support up to 250 lbs without fail.
  • This product was built with you in mind. Go about your daily activities without worry with this walker. We guarantee long lasting support and stability as you regain independence in your life.