DMI Deluxe Heavy Duty Overbed Tilt-Top Table - Adjustable Height

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The Perfect Way To Enjoy Breakfast In Bed, Work, or Watch TV From Your Home or Hospital Bed

Features & Benefits:

  • Easily adjusts to you or your loved ones height
  • Ergonomically tilts so you don't have to strain
  • Great for home or hospital beds
  • Saves you time with easy assembly, ready to go in minutes
  • Fits breakfast tray tables, laptops, and much more great
  • The laminate top, black power coated steel frame is durable enough to hold your laptop and other personal belongings as you relax in bed.
  • No assembly required!
  • Features a protective lip around the edge to prevent items from sliding off.
  • Ergonomic tilt-top table can adjust to 15, 30 and 45 degree angles to the left or right.
  • Smooth casters with wheel locks
  • Adjustable height: 25 ½ to 38 ½ inches


  • 1) Pull the table out from the packaging and lay flat on the ground.
  • 2) Pull out the knob on the bottom of the table.
  • 3) Position the knob over the small hole on the base of the table, and insert to lock in place. The table will stand straight up.
  • 4) Pull the knob under the table top, and align it with one of the holes. Adjust the table top to the desired angle.
  • Please note: Make sure all parts are tight and secure; the push button pins must be popped out all the way. Do not use the table as an aid to transfer in and out of bed.
  • Size: up to 38 and 1/2 inches tall
  • Table size: 15 by 12 inches
  • Weight capacity: 55 pounds
  • Weighs: 19.2 pounds

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