DMI Deluxe Seat Lift Seat Riser Car Cushion Pillow with Handles

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If you need some help getting up from low or too-soft chairs or would like more comfort and support in your wheelchair, this cushion can help. This DMI Deluxe Cushion is constructed of 4-inch foam that provides advanced comfort while a hardboard insert provides quality support. The added support is what separates this cushion from the competition. It will not 'hammock' like lower quality wheelchair sling seats. Perfect for use in wheelchairs, conventional chairs or anywhere additional lift is needed!


  • Firm 4-inch foam cushion provides lift and comfort; makes it easier to get out of low or soft chairs
  • Use in wheelchairs, conventional chairs, cars or anywhere additional lift is needed
  • Perfect for drivers; gives you more height in your car for seeing over the dash
  • Hardboard insert provides extra support; eliminates hammock effect when used in wheelchairs
  • Removable, black cover has 5-inch strap handles for easier carrying
  • Firm 4-inch foam cushion
  • Includes removable, black cover has 5-inch strap handles for easier carrying
  • Size: 16 x 16 x 4 inches
  • UPC: 041298088844

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