DMI Lightweight 2 Cut Out Bariatric Wood Transfer Board

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This sturdy DMI Lightweight 2 Cut Out Bariatric Wood Transfer Board will help you as you transfer people from wheel chair to bed, chair, car or commode. The sealed and coated board allows easier transfers as you help a loved one slide across the glossy surface. The board is also valuable as a mobility aid for those who are living independently and need some assistance transferring from place to place.

Protect Your Back as You Move People

You may have seen transfer boards like this used in some hospitals as they transfer patients from place to place. Now you can have one in your home as well to aid you in transferring yourself or your loved ones. It takes pressure off your back as you help a person slide from one sitting position to the next without strenuous or dangerous lifting. This durable wood board is strong enough to handle up to 440 pounds so you know you have a stable surface to rely on.

How to Use a Transfer Board 

Position one end of the board on the starting point and the other end on the destination to which you want to transfer such as the bed, chair, car or wheel chair. The tapered ends should be facing up to help the person slide onto the board. Try to keep the board as level as possible and be sure to lock any wheel chairs in place first. Help the person to get onto the board then assist them as they slide across it in short movements. We highly recommend using the DMI Gait Belt in conjunction with this board to help assist moving the person. Be sure the person is dry to avoid any friction while transferring.

Always consult a trained professional if you have any questions about using a transfer board. Only attempt using if you have been properly trained.


  • Sealed and coated board allows easier transfers to/from bed, wheel chair, chair, car or commode
  • A valuable mobility aid for independent living
  • Two cut-out handles allow for easy carrying or gripping
  • Strong enough to support up to 735 pounds
  • Constructed of smooth, durable 3/4 inch Southern Yellow Pine Board size: 10 x 32 inches