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Dr Heater Infrared Heater with Humidifier & Oscillation

Dr Heater USA DR-998W
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Wrap yourself in warmth this winter, without breaking the bank. Dr. Infrared Heater combines the comfort of convection heating with the energy efficiency of infrared heating to provide you with even warmth throughout your house and savings on your electric bill. Sit back and relax as this portable heater blankets you in a soothing warmth that makes your home cozy and inviting. How is Dr. Infrared Heater better than other heaters? Dr. Infrared Heater uses infrared heating, which heats objects in the room, instantly making you feel warm and comfortable.

Use Dr. Infrared Heater instead of your regular heating system, and you could save up to 50% on your next electricity bill. Plus, with its tip-over and auto shut-off overheat protection, you can sleep soundly knowing you’ve got a heater with stellar safety features. With its unparalleled heating capabilities, safety design, energy efficiency, and quietness, Dr. Infrared Heater is simply the best choice for your home heating needs.


  • Can heat up a large room with Dual Heating System: Infrared Quartz tube + PTC. Tip-over protection and Overheat protection
  • Built-in humidifier produces a cool mist to add much needed humidity to dry, winter air
  • Oscillation function distributes warmth throughout your entire area evenly and faster.Can be operated as a fan with humidifier or without , good for summer time
  • Electronic Thermostat: range 50 to 86 degrees. Lifetime filter
  • The DR-998 Portable Infrared Space Heater is a 1500W portable heater featuring a dual-heating system with both infrared and ceramic heating elements inside. This heater comes with a Humidifier attachment as well as a remote for convenient use. The heater can be used with or without the humidifier, the humidifier can be run with or without the heating portion of the heater turned on, and the heater can also be run in fan-only mode. It comes with 4 durable caster wheels that allow the heater to move effortlessly from room to room.
  • DR-998 Infrared Heater with Humidifier & Oscillation

Other heaters simply heat the air in the room, but because hot air rises, this method of heating is inefficient as it creates drafts that leave you hot one moment and cold the next. By heating only the objects rather than the air, Dr. Infrared Heater provides maximum warmth and energy efficiency. With its state-of-the-art technology that helps the room retain air moisture, Dr. Infrared Heater won’t dry out your skin like those convection heaters that blast out hot air, stripping the room of moisture. And the best part? It will save you money.


How Does Dr. Infrared Heater Better Than Other?

• Tests Show Dr. Infrared Heater Heats Faster and Warmer Than Competing Heaters.• Dr. Infrared Heater Delivers 60% more heat than other 1500-watt heaters.• Dual Heating System Provides Maximum Comfort and Fastest Heat Transfer Rate.• Quiet and Efficient Blower.• Auto Power Settings | 1000W or 1500W.• Long Lifetime with 80,000 Hours of Operation.*****3-Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*****

Dr. Infrared Heater Heats Better than others 150F vs 98F

In a side-by-side test comparison in airtight chambers with the same starting temperature, Dr. Infrared Heater heated the same amount of space much faster than other leading brands.

Rated To Heat up for a large room

Dual Heating System -- Quartz Tube + PTC

Auto, High, & Low Settings

Thermostat: 50-86°F

Built-in humidifier produces a cool mist to add much needed humidity to dry, winter air

Uses water bottle instead of water tank

Two different sized bottle adapters

Ultrasonic Humidifier and heating mode can be operated separately

Oscillation function distributes warmth throughout your entire room quickly and evenly

Can be operated as a fan with or without humidifier, ideal for the hot summer months

Timer: 1-12 Hrs.

Easily rolls from room to room on durable casters

Lifetime filter can be removed easily and cleaned

Overheat protection

Tip-over protection

Has no exposed heating elements that can cause a fire

Cannot harm children or pets

Dimensions 16"" H x 13"" W x 15"" D

12.6 Amps

1500 Watts

120v 3-prong outlet

3 Year Warranty

Product Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 16 inches; 25.4 pounds

Shipping Weight: 26 pounds

Which is the best for my needs?


60% More Heat, Save Big On Your Heating Bills

Dual Heating System, High Heat Transfer Rate

DR-998 Humidifier Infrared Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater Elite Series DR-998 can help you prevent cold, dry winter air, and save money on your heating bills. Dr. Infrared Heater Elite Series DR-998 is the world’s first infrared space heater that combines ultrasonic mist vapor with oscillation to increase the heat transfer rate, producing a superior level of therapeutic comfort you’ll want to experience for yourself. The Dr. Infrared Heater Elite Series DR-998 actually takes the place of 3 different appliances. It works as a humidifier, infrared heater, and oscillation fan. The built-in silent ultrasonic humidifier adds much needed moisture to dry winter air, and the oscillation function evenly distributes warm, moist air throughout your entire room fast.