Dynarex ActiSplints - Reusable, Waterproof & Comfortable

Dynarex DYN-3504-1PK
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Dynarex ActiSplints™ are breathable, premium-quality splints designed to help stabilize fractures in emergency situations. Dynarex ActiSplints feature an aluminum core for optimal stability and two outer foam layers for improved comfort. These customizable splints are moldable to conform to the body’s structural arcs and are easy to cut with scissors for added adaptability. These convenient splints are radiolucent to allow for unobstructed patient imaging. ActiSplints are water-resistant for added protection and easy to clean for optimal hygiene. Dynarex ActiSplints are lightweight and easy to carry in first-aid kits and emergency bags.  


  • Conformable splints are designed to help stabilize fractures 
  • Aluminum core allows for optimal support and durability 
  • Breathable splints feature outer foam layers for improved comfort
  • Radiolucent materials allow for unobstructed patient imaging 
  • Easy to cut with scissors for added customization 
  • Features water-resistant design for increased protection 
  • Fastens easily with most tapes or wraps
  • Lightweight splints are ideal for first-aid, emergencies, sports, and more
  • Available in Rolled, Flat, and Finger Splint varieties 
  • #3533: ActiSplint with Sensi-Wrap features Rolled Splint (Red/Charcoal Gray) with Self-Adherent Bandage (Black) 2" × 5 yd.)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP