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Dynarex DynaFoam Waterproof Bordered Foam Dressings

Dynarex DYN-3037-1PK
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The Dynarex DynaFoam Waterproof Bordered Foam dressing is a multi-layered waterproof dressing that provides a sterile, warm, moist healing environment. The waterproof top layer protects the wound from any outside liquids that may cause infection, while the inner foam layer absorbs drainage and the low-adherent contact layer helps protect the wound bed. It has an adhesive border that is gentle on skin.

Choose this as a primary or secondary dressing to help treat chronic and acute wounds, lower extremity ulcers, donor sites and partial to full thickness wounds at stages 2, 3, or 4.


  • Maintains a warm, moist healing environment to help prevent bacterial contamination, reduce pain and promote faster healing.
  • Multi-layer dressing with low-adherent contact layer that helps protect the wound bed and waterproof top layer which protects from outside fluids.
  • High-absorbency dressing used for heavily exuding wounds.
  • Primary or secondary dressing to manage chronic and acute wounds at stages 2, 3, and 4.
  • Used on lower extremity ulcers, donor sites, and partial to full-thickness wounds.
  • Each Box comes with 10 Individually wrapped Dressings