Dynarex Folding Lightweight Travel Walker - Paddle Release

Dynarex DYN-10167
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The Dynarex Travel Walker is a height-adjustable walker designed with a convenient tool-free folding mechanism. The 5” front wheels and ski glide tips are designed to easily glide over surfaces, both indoors and out, to reduce scratching. This compact mobility option is convenient and suited for individuals up to 300 lb. Ideal for a wide range of home healthcare settings.


  • SLEEK AND COMPACT: The Dynarex Travel Walker with Wheels folds to a streamlined profile without the use of any tools, making it easily portable, ideal for travel, or simply to store out of the way. Soft, compact side storage bags are included.
  • FRONT WHEELS: The 5” front wheels deliver increased stability and combine with the ski glide tips on the rear legs to allow the user to move freely across various types of terrain. This walker is ideal for indoor or outdoor use while traveling.
  • DESIGNED FOR TRAVEL: Lightweight and sturdy, the travel walker’s aluminum frame provides reliable mobility aid in a durable folding walker. The hand brakes are activated with a gentle squeeze.
  • COMFORTABLE HAND GRIPS: The vinyl cushioned hand grips are contoured for optimal comfort making them perfect for those who suffer from arthritis or other painful conditions in their hands. The hand grips are also easy to clean and sanitize.
  • PROPER HEIGHT: When adjusting the height of the folding walker, stand up straight with hands at your side. The walker’s hand grips should be the same height as the wrist when your arms are in this position. Adjust the height as needed with pushbuttons.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 300 lb weight capacity