ErgoActives ErgoBrace G1 KPA Post Op Knee Brace

Ergoactives ErgoBrace
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The Ergoactives ErgoBrace is an adjustable, telescopic, over-motion post-op knee brace, designed to protect the knee joint and skin, using the most comfortable, lightweight materials while still providing superior support and adaptability


  • The ErgoBrace G1 KPA Over Motion Hinge Post-Op Knee Brace Support is a lightweight device, with two adjustable hinges with spring assisted push buttons for flexion from 120 degrees to 180 degrees of extension.
  • Durable, Lightweight, and Ergonomic Design
  • Quick, Easy, and Accurate Settings- Simply Press, Rotate, and Release
  • Locks quickly at -10,10,20,30 degrees and 45,60,75, and 90 degrees
  • Integrated with an easy push-button lock system that allows for the user to change the angle variation without applying much force. Just push the spring loaded soft button to quickly adjust.
  • Major ligament surgeries, Meniscal repairs, Patella realignment,
  • Stable Femoral Fractures, Stable Knee Plateau Fractures, Pes
  • Anserinus Bursitis, Tendinitis, and Range of Control Motion.
  • Telescopic Adjustable Immobilization
  • Optional Cast Immobilization
  • Improve Knee Joint Recovery
  • Improve Knee Surgery Recovery
  • Ergonomic Design by an orthopedic surgeon
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Universal: One-Size-Fits-All
  • Weight 2.10 lbs / 950 grams
  • Support Level IV