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Exaco Royal Victorian VI 23 Greenhouse with 10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

EXACO Trading co VI 23 Poly Black
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The Royal Victorian VI 23 Greenhouse with 10 mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate is 7'9" W x 10'2" L x 8'6" H with 6'7" H side walls. High quality 10-mm polycarbonate provides better insulation and light diffusion.  Includes 2 roof windows (1 automatic opener & 1 spindle), 1 louvre window with clear Lexan cover sheet for the winter season, 1 sliding door, large bottom frame, large gutters with downspouts, and misting system.

Exaco Royal Victorian VI 34 Greenhouse in Dark Green with 10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

The Victorian Greenhouse is one of the premier greenhouses in the “Helios” line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. This company has been making high-end glass greenhouses for over 30 years. Since the introduction of the Victorian model, in 1999, they have become a leading supplier of this style of greenhouse in Europe. We are proud to now be the USA distributor of this very fine greenhouse.

Glass or Polycarbonate Construction - Choose Which Best For You

The Victorian Greenhouse line is available with either 4mm Tempered Glass or 10mm Triple Layer "X-Strong" Polycarbonate walls. Each choice has a unique set of advantages allowing you to pick the option which will work best for your needs.

Advantages of Tempered Glass

  • Full transparency is a better "look" for some applications, especially if using the structure for non plant-growing purposes
  • Maximum amount of natural light when using structure for growing plants
  • No fading or discoloration over lifespan
  • Flame resistant
  • Glass is a chemical free, environmentally friendly material

Advantages of Polycarbonate

  • Almost impossible to break, polycarbonate will flex and resist against things like objects hitting the panels or heavy wind and snow loads
  • Blocks harmful UV rays and creates a diffused light environment that promotes consistent light conditions throughout the interior of the structure
  • Has been shown to retain heat more efficiently than glass, an advantage in cold weather growing environments
  • Low maintenance, will demand less cleaning than glass while still looking great.

Victorian Greenhouse Features

  • Uses 4 mm Tempered Glass – others use only 3 mm
  • Available with 10mm triple layer "X-Strong" polycarbonate walls for better insulation in colder climates
  • Uses only single sheets of glass, instead of the more common overlapping smaller sections
  • All glass panes are secured with heavy duty rubber seals – all the way round – others use only metal clips or flimsy thin rubber strips
  • Using 4 mm single pane glass and heavy rubber seals provides better insulation.
  • Taller design – 1 foot higher – gives you more head space
  • Made with thicker and stronger aluminum profiles – for more strength.
  • TUV & GS tested and approved (similar to a UL listing).
  • Each unit comes with a sliding door which can be put on any side of the greenhouse
  • Roof windows: come with an old fashioned spindle and a modern Automatic Window Opener.
  • Includes: gutters with down spouts
  • Includes: a 6” high foundation frame
  • Includes: a misting system (all you need is a hose to connect)

Why Choose a Victorian Greenhouse?

  • UPDATE: Now available with 10mm triple layer "X-Strong" Polycarbonate windows instead of glass. No more need to special order this option.
  • X-Strong polycarbonate panels feature beveled edges with U-shaped metal end caps for increased durability.
  • Aluminum Profiles are larger,thicker, stronger than those of any competitor in this price range
  • Uses 4mm tempered glass while other use only 3 mm glass
  • Windows are held in place by substantial rubber seals, which provide better insulation - others only use metal clips
  • Vertical glass is only one piece - looks much nicer. Others use two overlapping pieces - which fills with dirt
  • 6" high foundation frame included - others usually cost extra
  • 1 or 2 Spindle Roof Window Openers (great in windy conditions), and automatic window openers on other roof windows
  • Includes a misting system (customer has to provide a hose to connect to faucet)
  • Shoulder (with large gutter) 6'7" high - about 1 foot higher than other greenhouses
  • One sliding door - can be put in any vertical glass location (front, back or sides)
  • Significantly better insulated then other glass greenhouses. How? Rubber seals, single pane window, and 4mm glass
  • Made in Belgium




    • Available from stock in 3 sizes:

      Victorian #vi23: 7’9” wide x 10’2” long x 8’6” - 80 sq. ft. - with 2 roof windows and 1 louvered window.

      Victorian #vi34: 10’2” wide x 15’ long x 9’ high – 150 sq.ft. - with 3 roof windows and 1 louvered window.

      Victorian #vi36: 10’2” wide x 19'11" long x 9’ high – 200 sq.ft. - with 4 roof windows and 1 louvered window.

      Retro Victorian #vi34: 10’2” wide x 15" long x 9’ high – with 6'4" sidewalls - with 4 roof windows (2 automatic openers & 2 spindle), 1 top-hang side window, 2 hinged doors with pumps, large bottom frame/base, large gutters with downspouts, and misting system.

      Retro Victorian #vi46: 12’7” wide x 19'11" long x 9’ high – with 6'4" sidewalls - with 6 roof windows (4 automatic openers & 2 spindle), 2 top-hang side window, 2 hinged doors with pumps, large bottom frame/base, large gutters with downspouts, and misting system.

    • Standard color: Dark green (RAL 6009m) - electrostatic application.
    • Special order colors: Ash Grey (RAL 70160 and Steel Blue (RAL 5011)

    • Optional Accessory Kit includes:
      One 4" deep x 20" wide planting shelf, a 4.5" wide top shelf, 2 inside shade cloths with pull ribbons.

  • NEW OPTION: Flush mount 1/8th" thick clear lexan sheet cover for louvre window during freezing weather.