Foldawheel Electric Extreme Lightweight Folding Power Chair - Only 46 lbs

Foldawheel PW-999UL
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The Foldawheel PW-999UL Folding Electric Wheelchair is no doubt one of the lightest power wheelchairs in the world. This portable wheelchair opens and closes in only one second, which makes it incredibly easy to transport and store. Included in this lightest folding electric wheelchair purchase from Foldawheel is the innovative PW-999UL portable wheelchair, along with two batteries and a protective travel bag.

Foldawheel PW-999UL: The Lightest Power Wheelchair

Foldawheel PW-999UL is truly one of the most compact and lightest power wheelchair in the world. Foldawheel was the first company to create this type of lightweight power folding wheelchairs in 2012. Since then, the company has constantly upgraded and improved this innovative product to meet the highest standards and requirements. As a result, the Foldawheel PW-999UL has been hands-down the best power folding wheelchair ever since.

Foldawheel boasts thousands of happy users worldwide, speaking for the product's quality and the company's after-sale service. To understand why this folding electric wheelchair is the best power wheelchair, check out the latest product features below.

Why is PW-999UL the Best Portable Wheelchair?

The total weight of this Foldawheel PW-999UL lightest power folding wheelchair is only 46 lbs. (21 kgs.) with one battery; it weighs 49.5 lbs. (22.5 kgs.) with two batteries. This purchase at comes with two batteries. Additional highlights include:

  • This electric power wheelchair opens and folds in just one second and fits easily in the trunk of a small car. The unit stands upright by itself after folding. Users can also roll it with wheels.
  • Foldawheel uses soft-pack polymer lithium-ion batteries (also known as pouch cell batteries) because they are safer, lighter and longer lasting compared to lower-cost cylinder lithium-ion batteries commonly sold on the market.
  • With a full charge, the PW-999UL electric foldable wheelchair can travel up to 15 miles (25 km.). Note: When testing the travel distance, Foldawheel normally tests with a user that weighs 220 lbs. (100 kgs.).
  • This folding power chair can handle heavier weights; however, Foldawheel states 220 lbs. as the weight capacity limit. The reason for this is that some users who exceed 220 lbs. may not sit as comfortably. (However, some of Foldawheel's happy users are over 264 lbs. Portability and comfort depend on what is important to the user, as well as user preference.)
  • Foldawheel's brushless motors are superior compared to similar market products. This is because these units operate with a higher torque. They are also energy-efficient and compact.
  • The innovative joystick controller is smaller and easier to control. It features a detachable cable system that allows the user to remove the joystick controller easily when checked in as luggage on airlines.
  • The frame is made of high-grade aircraft-quality aluminum alloy for a stronger yet lighter structure. This ensures both user safety and frame durability.
  • Both armrests can be raised to get closer to tables or for easier transfer to other surfaces.
  • The unique inward-folding footrests allow users to achieve the nearest stand-up and sit-down positions.
  • Patented anti-tilt support with a hydraulic system reduces the risk of falling backward, yet is flexible when needed.
  • The air-breeze seat cushions and backrest covers are made with a non-fray material for better durability. This allows more air to flow through and provides a better cushioning effect. The covers are detachable for washing purposes.
What else does this electric portable folding wheelchair come with?
  • A top-quality certified charger (100V-230V) that can be used anywhere in the world.
  • A thick, padded travel bag to ensure no surprises after you disembark from a plane.
  • A storage bag underneath the seat.
  • A two-year global warranty - confidently travel anywhere with your lightweight electric power chair.
Net Weight with 1 standard battery pack 21kg (46 lbs)
Max Speed 6.5 km/hr (4 miles/hr)
Maximum Seat Capacity 100kg (220 lbs)
Seat Width 44cm (17”) between armrests
Seat Depth 42cm (16.5”)
Seat Height From Ground (Front) 51cm (20”)
Seat Height From Ground (Back) 48cm (18.8”)
Turning Radius 85cm (33.4”)
Folded Size L X W X H 33cm x 59cm x 72cm (13” X 23.2” X 28.3”)
Opened Size 93cm x 59cm x 93cm (36.6” X 23.2” X 36.6”)
Packing Size 36cm x 76cm x 64cm (14.2” X 30” X 25”)
Max Distance / Full Charge ~12km (7.5 miles) with 1 battery
~25km (~15 miles) with Optional 2nd batttery
Charge Time from empty 4 hours (for 1 battery)
Slope Capability 12˚
Battery Type Soft Pack Polymer Lithium Ion Battery
Motor Type Latest Brushless Motor
Motor Power 150W x 2
Front Wheel 7”
Rear Wheel 8”
Frame Material Aircraft Quality Aluminium Alloy
Rear Tire Type Rigid PU tyre
Armrest Raisable

Foldable inwards



Foldawheel's Power Series electric wheelchairs come with a two-year global warranty and support services. Replacement parts can be easily swapped by users without technical knowledge. If problems arise, Foldawheel will send you the spare parts by courier - it doesn't matter where you are and where you travel. An additional video guide is also provided with your electric folding wheelchair purchase.