Glion Balto Scooter Accessories and Parts

Glion Scooters x1-charger-2a
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Browse through all the necessary accessories and parts for the Glion Balto Electric Scooter including replacment batteries, 2A and 3A chargers, an inner tire tube, Balto Inverter, mirror, a new motor and more

Balto Charger 2A

  • The 2A charger charges the Balto’s battery to 100% in 5 hours.

Balto Charger 3A

  • The 3A charger charges the Balto’s battery to 100% in 3 hours

Balto Extra Battery

  • Battery running low? With Balto, you can easily swap in your spare and be on your way. Plus, the water-resistant design guarantees you’ll glide on without worry—rain or shine.

Balto Inner Tube

  • This inner tube is for the Balto scooter and comes with valve cap and tire removal tool

Balto Inverter

  • The inverter transforms Balto’s swappable battery  into a powerful and portable 500-watt AC power station. That’s enough to recharge electronics or run a coffee maker

Balto Mirror

  • This is a replacement mirror for the Balto scooter.  Can also be used on the SNAPnGO Mobility scooter

Balto Motor

Balto Quick Release Large

  • This quick release is found on the standing board post that secures the seat post

Balto Quick Release Small

  • This quick release is found at the top of the seat post where the seat attaches