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Golden Technologies Lift Chair Auto Drive MaxiComfort Hand Control Remote

Golden Technologies ZKAD-1
$98.00 $109.95
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This is the newer style infinite position control that Golden started using a few years ago. It has zero gravity and TV positions, and one or two memory buttons (depending on the version). It has a straight five (5) pin plug that plugs into an extension cable that goes down under the chair. 


  • "AutoDrive" Hand Control for Golden Tech Chairs
  • Used on Golden Chairs with Infinite Position and Memory Settings
  • It has a straight five (5) pin plug
  • It has zero gravity and TV positions

PLEASE NOTE that there have been several versions of this control over the years, but if your control looks anything like the one pictured here, it will be the correct one (Golden came out with a completely new style Auto Drive control late in 2015, but it is distinguishable in that it has triangular buttons for the lift and recline, where this one has arrows that say "back" and "chair"