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HealthCraft Dependa-Bar Bathroom and Shower Mounted Safety Rail

HealthCraft DB-18-PCW
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Designed for bathtub and shower support, the award-winning Dependa-Bar uses our “Pivot and Lock” technology to safely assist in the challenging motion of transferring into and out of your bathtub or shower. The Dependa-Bar’s centralized support system is uniquely designed for comfortable weight-bearing support and ergonomically sound positions, offering more than your typical shower bar. When using temperature controls in the shower or washing hard-to-reach places like legs and feet, the Dependa-Bar can help relieve strain on the body while providing you with unparalleled support and safety.


  • The Dependa-Bar is a wall mounted grab bar that features HealthCraft's "Pivot & Lock" Technology to keep support in front of you
  • Simply lift the horizontal bar to unlock, pivot to next position, and then lower it to lock firmly in place (every 45 degrees)
  • Support in-front of the user allows for pushing, pulling and leaning on the horizontal bar, ideal for entering and exiting the bathtub
  • Available in anti-microbial powder coat white and brushed stainless knurled finishes; made from rust resistant #304 stainless steel
  • Dependa-Bar supports up to 325 lbs
Material Stainless steel
Finish / Colour Anti-microbial powder coat white (-PCW) and Brushed stainless (-SK)
Weight Capacity 325lbs / 147kgs
Rail Diameter 1.25" / 31.8mm
Pivot Rail Length 18" / 457mm
Pivot Rail Height 32.5" / 826mm
Fixed Rail Length 18" / 457mm
Grip Material Diamond pattern knurling (-SK)
Installation Mechanism Must screw to structure (wood blocking / studs) behind wall
Installation Hardware/Fasteners #10 x 2" / 50.8mm length stainless steel screws (x9)
Fasteners Exposed or Concealed Concealed; plastic cap cover mounting screws (x9)
Commercial Use Yes
Residential Use Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Rust Resistant Yes
Country of Origin Canada
Product Code Dependa-Bar White (DB-18-PCW)
Dependa-Bar Knurled (DB-18-SK)
Shipping Dimensions 9lbs / 4kgs
Shipping Weight 38x20x4" / 965x508x102
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty



Download the Installation Instructions Here

Step 1. Determine locking positions of pivot rail, and fasten lower grab bar to wall in corresponding location.

HealthCraft Depneda-Bar Bathroom and Shower Mounted Safety Rail

Step 2. Fasten the top flange to wall.

 HealthCraft Depneda-Bar Bathroom and Shower Mounted Safety Rail

Step 3. Slide pivot rail into top flange and rest into locking teeth on lower grab bar.

 HealthCraft Depneda-Bar Bathroom and Shower Mounted Safety Rail

Step 4. Install lift limit and secure with hex key

HealthCraft Depneda-Bar Bathroom and Shower Mounted Safety Rail 

Step 5. Install vinyl cap to cover exposed locking teeth.

HealthCraft Depneda-Bar Bathroom and Shower Mounted Safety Rail