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Hoyer Advance 340 Battery for Hoyer Power Lift and Stand Up Lifts

Joerns Healthcare 400-3003
$314.00 $399.00
You save 21% ($85.00)

Replacement battery for Hoyer Power Lift and Stand Up Lifts. LINAK Battery Pack fits most Hoyer Lifts. Check the list below. This is the Original Equipment Replacement. Hoyer part number: 400-3003.

For models:

  • Advance Lift
  • HPL402
  • P-C-HLA-2
  • HPL400
  • HPL600WB
  • HPL600WBSC
  • PRO300 (Stand Aid)

Hoyer Battery Charging Instructions

The batteries are located in the power pack and are charged through a socket at the base of the control box.

  1. Insert the power supply plug into the charge point at the base of the control box. The plug is inserted with a straight push. DO NOT twist the plug in the socket.
  2. Plug the charger mains lead/cord into a suitable mains/power outlet.
  3. Charging is fully automatic. The LCD indicator indicates the status of the charging.
    Note: Even if the charger is left plugged in for extended periods it will not allow the batteries to overcharge.
    1. Green Light: Indicates main power is on
    2. Yellow Light: Indicates battery is charging
    3. Battery will be fully charged when yellow light goes off
  4. To return the lift to service, pull the charger socket out and disengage from the mains supply

Precautions to take while using Hoyer Battery for Hoyer Patient Lifts

  • The battery is not to be opened by unauthorized personnel
  • Do not touch battery/charger terminals
  • Keep the batteries fully charged. Place the battery on charge whenever it is not in use. If it is more convenient to do so, place on charge every night. The charger will not allow the batteries to overcharge.
  • To avoid possible permanent damage to the battery, the battery should be placed on charge as soon as the display indicates the half-empty battery symbol
  • Never store the battery for long periods without regular charging throughout the storage period
  • Always make sure the mains power to the charger is switched off before connecting or disconnecting the battery pack
  • Never leave the battery pack connected with the charger mains power switched off
  • Do not leave the charger switched on with the hoyer lift battery not charging