Intelligent Sterilizer - Alcohol Humidifying Disinfecting Sprayer IS-603
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The Brand New Intelligent Sterilizer is an Alcohol Humidifying Disinfecting Sprayer with different colored lights with a rechargeable battery. This automatic sprayer is the perfect sanitizing station for any office, desk, workspace, bedside table, bathroom, car, etc. This versatile disinfecting humidifier is lightweight and contactless to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Refill with a disinfecting liquid or alcohol for best results.

Instructions for use:

  1. Directly open the upper cover and add teh disinfectant, and connect the power supply after the absorbent cotton rod penetrates.
  2. Press the power button (1 down) to turn on the light. After reaching for induction, spray. Hold your hands and spray off.
  3. Press the power button (2 below) for long spray, long spray state after 5 minutes, stop for 15 minutes, the spray for 5 minutes, so circulate.
  4. Long press the power button to turn off