Joerns Hoyer® Loop Style Pro Series Patient Lift Slings

Joerns Healthcare NA1050

These Joerns Hoyer® Loop Style Slings are Universal Slings but primarily designed to be compatible with lifts with a spreader bar and the Joerns Advance, Elara, HPL450, HPL500, HPL700, Presence and Stature patient LiftsHoyer has been making slings, the all-important patient interface, for over 60 years, when Ted Hoyer first developed and marketed the technology for people like himself who needed assistance with transfer. Hoyer slings are designed to be effective, yet comfortable without compromise to resident safety. Hoyer slings are tested to the highest global standards, EN ISO 10535, and are CE marked. 

Quickfit Deluxe

Easy-to-fit general-purpose sling designed to suit 85% of residents

Quickfit Slings

Hoyer Professional Quick Fit Padded Sling is an easy-to-fit, general-purpose sling designed to suit 85 percent of residents. This simple to use sling goes with the six-point spreader bar. It is made of polyester and is padded. Padding provides additional comfort and support to delicate areas. It is designed to be used exclusively with Hoyer Advance lift.

Full Back Slings

For use on the Advance Series lifts Incorporates integral boned head support and padded leg pieces The correct size will fit snugly and give full protection for residents who go into extension or have involuntary movements or behavioral problems



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