Juwel Heavy Duty Aeroquick Compost Bins

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The AeroQuick Compost Bins have been put through rigorous testing at a facilitty in Southern Italy, which features a climate similar to Las Vegas , Nevada USA. Their oldest test composters at that site are 15 years old and still working fine!

AeroQuick Compost Bins will not fade in color for about 3 years, after which any color fading that may happen will be even over the the entire surface, and happens very slowly.


  • Much heavier duty/stronger than most other similar designs – material is 5 mm thick.
  • Polyamide (nylon) corner clips are much stronger than any other compost bin, but still "easy" to remove if some one wants to take the unit apart.
  • New air flow system: unique wall panel design allows air to continuously flow upwards along all 4 side panels.
  • Three sizes available: 77, 112, 187 gallons.
  • Rodent resistant base available: optional with the 77 & 112 gallon units, included with the 187 gal. unit.
  • Hinged lid which will NOT blow away.
  • Lid comes with a sliding lock – that works well – keeps possums and raccoons out.
  • Two side doors to remove mature compost (or simply lift the unit up and move it to the side for best access to compost pile).
  • Compost bins are made from: high grade polypropylene copolymer resin – up to 40% recycled material.
  • Resin is UV stabilized, which helps prevent color fading.


AeroQuick Small 77 Gallon

  • Assembled: 28.4" x 28.4" x 31.5"h -- 21.9lbs
  • Box: 32" x 26.8" x 6.7" -- 24.2lbs

AeroQuick Medium 110 Gallon

  • Assembled: 31.5" x 31.5" x 42"h --30lbs
  • Box: 42.1" x 29.6" x 5.9" -- 33lbs

AeroQuick Large 187 Gallon

  • Assembled: 37" x 37.1" x 43"h -- 49lbs
  • Box: 42.9" x 15.9" x 11.8" -- 52lbs