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LiViliti Paptizer UV Disinfecting Machine

LiViliti Health Products T5L
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The LiViliti Paptizer UV Disinfecting Machine has a 3 minute clean time and the largest internal capacity on the market at 11.89″ x 10.59″ x 6.06″ . Equipped with 40 UV-C LEDs with 5-sided multidirectional sanitization and kills over 99% of bacteria, 40% faster than others in the market! This disinfecting machine is perfect for Denture sanitizing, cpap masks, hoses, phones, tooth brushes, hygienic products, glasses, and many more daily use items. 


  • Largest internal capacity on the market 11.89″ x 10.59″ x 6.06″
  • 40 UV-C LEDs with 5-sided multidirectional sanitization
  • Kills over 99% of bacteria in as little as 3 minutes
  • 3 minute clean time. 40% faster than others in the market!
  • Multi purpose use. Sanitize all high touch personal items.
  • 40 LED 5-Sided multidirectional sanitization
  • 2 year warranty
  • Sanitize through the use of 40 LED's in 3 min.
  • Deodorizing feature uses a combination of LED's, air flow and heat.
  • Safe to store objects in the Liviliti smart sanitizer for up to 24 hours.
  • No Ozone or Mercury

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UVC LED vs Ozone Cleaners

  • No delay in using your products. (Ozone products have a product downtime of greater than 1 hr before the item can be used again.)
  • No filters to replace or maintenance. (Ozone sanitizing products have a recommended filter replacement of 2 times per year costing consumers over $60 per year plus shipping.)
  • Manufacturer friendly and does not affect any warranties as with some ozone related products in the market.


Q: Is the Liviliti Paptizer safe to use?

A: Yes it is equipped with an automatic shut off when the lid is opened.

QCan I use my phone in the Liviliti Paptizer?

A: Yes, any electronics that will fit in the unit can be used on the Fast Sanitize cycle only!

Q: Is there an alert to inform me when my product is clean?

A: Yes you will see a LED countdown timer along with a double beep when the product is clean.

Q: What warranty does the Liviliti Paptizer offer?

A: 2 year warranty with LED life of 10,000 hours

Q: How do I register my product warranty?

A: Visit the below link for warranty registration of your product.  You will need the serial number (SN ) located on your unit for registration.


Q: Is your product mercury free?

A: Yes since the Liviliti Paptizer uses LEDs instead of traditional bulbs the unit is mercury and ozone free.

Q: Can I stop washing my equipment if I use a sanitizer?

A: No. Continue to follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning your product.  Sanitizers do not remove dead skin, oil, makeup or other organic materials.

Q: If I wash my equipment does it have to be completely dry before sanitizing?

A: It is recommended for the greatest results for the equipment to be dry.

QIs there a smell from using the sanitizer?

A: Yes there can be a slight smell to using any sanitizing product.  To reduce and eliminate any smells, make sure the item is cleared of any debris before sanitizing.