Lumex Deluxe Sit-to-Stand Padded Slings - For Use with Sit-To-Stand Patient Lifts - Open Box

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Lumex deluxe sit-to-stand slings are designed to facilitate transfers using sit-to-stand patient lifts. Suitable for residents who have a greater degree of weight bearing ability, this sling will facilitate seating and standing transfers, as well as facilitate toileting procedures by allowing the lowering of clothing. The deluxe sling is well padded under the arms and in the lumbar area for maximum comfort. A textured belt and separate buckle strap hold the sling securely in place. Sit-to-stand slings must only be used when transferring a resident from a seated position, such as when sitting on a bed, chair, wheelchair, or toilet. Lumex sit-to-stand slings have two connection points and can be used only with a sit-to-stand lift. Sit-to-stand slings can also be used in conjunction with an optional buttocks strap and knee or calf strap (each sold separately) for extra security and support.


  • Designed for use with sit-to-stand patient lifts
  • Safely facilitates patient transfer from a seated position
  • Suitable for users who have a greater degree of weight-bearing ability
  • Small - Large Up to 400 lbs
  • X-Large is up to 600 lbs

Size Guide:

  • Small - Red accent color indicates this is a Small size; designed for 26-42" torsos
  • Medium - Yellow accent color indicates this is a Medium size; designed for 30-46"
  • Large - Green accent color indicates this is a Large size; designed for 34-53" torsos
  • X-Large - White accent color indicates this is an X-Large size; designed for 46-64" torsos and up to 600 pounds