Mor-Medical Seamless Infection Control 5-in-1 Bathing Shower Chair Commode

Mor-Medical DNE-310-3TWL-FF-DDA
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The Mor-Medical Seamless Infection Control Design offers a practical and efficient solution for maintaining hygiene in healthcare settings. Featuring a vinyl strap back that is easy to clean and disinfect, along with a seamless structural frame, this design eliminates problematic fittings and connectors, reducing the risk of breakage and the need for replacements. The deluxe sealed foam open front soft seat and soft seat insert enhance patient comfort, while the removable squared commode pail covers more of the seating area. With 3" all-locking casters, the system rolls over standard and ADA-approved toilets without the need for a pail. Additionally, the design comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The weight capacity is 310 lbs, making it a reliable and efficient choice for healthcare facilities.

FUNCTIONS AS A:Mobile Shower

  1. Commode Chair Bedside Toilet
  2. Commode Shower Seat
  3. Toilet Safety Frame
  4. Elevated Toilet Seat


  • Seamless Infection Control Design
  • Vinyl Strap Back Easier to Clean and Disinfect
  • Seamless Structural Frame
  • No problematic fittings-connectors
  • No fittings – connectors to break or replace
  • No fittings – connectors to fail and potentially cause a patient to fall
  • Deluxe Sealed Foam Open Front Soft Seat and Soft Seat Insert
  • Removable Squared Commode Pail, covers more of the seating area
  • 3” All Locking Casters
  • Rolls Over Standard Toilets and ADA Approved Toilets without pail
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight Capacity 310 lbs

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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