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Nova Medical Combo Bed Wedge & Half Roll Pillow with Cut Out for Side Sleepers

Nova Medical Products 2699-R
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We love the Bed Wedge for Back & Side Sleepers with Half Roll Pillow Insert, Bed Wedge with Cut Out for Side Sleepers, Combo Bed Wedge & Half Roll Pillow. because we know some people are back sleepers, some people are side sleepers and a lot of us are both! This unique wedge allows you to sleep and rest with elevation on your side and on your back. And wait … there’s more! The Half Roll Pillow insert has so many comfy options for the neck, knees and back … you can choose that too


  • MOST VERSATILE WEDGE for both side and back sleepers. Unique arm cut out allows you to use the wedge laying on your side - with your arm nestled in the cut out - preventing strain and circulation issues
  • 17 DEGREE WEDGE ELEVATION cushion has an angled slope design ideal for reading or watching TV and to help, ease and comfort many health issues including: respiratory problems - neck, back and shoulder tension - hiatus hernia - digestion or reflux disorders - snoring - CPAP users - overall recovery
  • GET TWO PILLOWS by removing the arm cut out which is a Half Roll Pillow for the neck, back or legs. The Wedge Pillow is made of high-density polyurethane foam and the Half Roll Pillow is made of polyurethane memory foam
  • REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE ZIPPERED COVERS for both the wedge pillow and half roll pillow are made of polyester/cotton blend fabric
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Wedge Pillow dimensions: 19.5"W x 23"D x 8"H, Half Roll Pillow dimensions: 19.5"W x 5.75D" x 2.5"H