OPTP Pivotal Therapy Set - Helps Improve Posture & Release Tension

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Release tension, relieve stress and correct abnormal sustained postures, like forward head posture, with the Pivotal Therapy System. This set includes four Pivots.

The Pivotal Therapy Set includes the following pivots, which can be used in conjunction:

  • The Occipivot (#4502C) is useful for the treatment of muscle tension or abnormal sustained posture, (e.g., forward head position).
  • The Cervical Pivot (#4504C) is a substitute for gentle cervical traction and is an effective tool for strengthening, self-mobilization, and self-release of sternocleidomastoid, upper trapezius and first ribs.
  • The Short Thoracic Pivot (#4506C) is ideal for craniosacral treatment or mobilization of the thoracic spine/ribs.
  • The Lumbar Pivot (#4510C) provides an ideal platform for mobilization and extension of the low back.